Message from Jim Manly on board the Estelle sailing to Gaza

15 October 2012, 11AM PDT

Greetings to all of you and thank you for your many messages of encouragement and support. These mean a great deal to all of us on the Estelle as we sail toward Gaza.

I appreciate the dedication and commitment of all on board this boat. All of us are committed to non-violence and we are on this journey because of our commitment to the Palestinians of Gaza who are suffering because of this illegal blockade.

The whole history of the Flotilla Movement is a story of perseverance in our commitment to justice for Palestinians in Gaza and elsewhere. The focus should not be on us – the focus should be on the people of Gaza who await our safe arrival. They are also waiting for the world to listen – to hear their side of the story, which is missing from the mainstream media. Please read and download the recent UN Gaza Report from here.

When Eva and I were in Bethlehem in May we saw an image painted on the “Annexation Wall” which reads: “Now you have seen. You are responsible!” We take this responsibility seriously.”

As we approach the Sea of Gaza we are filled with hope. I look forward to delivering the anchor for Gaza’s Ark (video). We carry humanitarian supplies. Our only “dangerous cargo” is a cargo of HOPE.

Please hold us and the people of Gaza in your thoughts, meditations and prayers.


Jim Manly

PS. If the Estelle is illegally boarded I also hope to deliver a sermon based on the words of the Hebrew prophets!

Jim Manly (4th from L) with anchor to be delivered to Gaza

Jim Manly (L) helps load the Canadian anchor on the Estelle

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