Release: What is Estelle´s cargo to Gaza?

Release: 17 October 2012

No ship has undergone as many and as thorough inspections as Estelle has during the last couple of months. We have had several so-called Port State Controls.

Thousands of visitors with their own eyes have been able to assure themselves of what we are bringing in our cargo and that we ourselves are non-violent human rights activists.

Our cargo, loaded in ports along the journey, consists of things necessary for survival as well as things that make life more comfortable.

Estelle also bring a VHF radio and an anchor to be used by the ship that is our sister project, Gaza´s Ark: a Ship from Gaza!

However, the heaviest cargo on board, which at the same time weighs nothing, is our solidarity with the Palestinian people.

These are the items in the cargo room of Estelle:

2 olive trees

41 tons of cement

wheel chairs



midwifery stethoscope

children books


300 footballs

musical instruments

theatrical equipment, especially lightning

VHF radio (for a ship) [shown in photo above]

1 anchor (to Gaza´s Ark) [shown in photo above]


Satellite phone to Estelle: +870773234011


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