Estelle’s crew return and the optimism continues

Jim Manly is about to return to Canada in a few hours after his illegal imprisonment in Israel. He was on a peaceful and non-violent mission to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. The Estelle – an initiative of Ship to Gaza Sweden – received a lot of international support since it left Oslo in early July. The sailing was smooth and the hopes high to reach Gaza unimpeded.

That optimism is reflected clearly in the following interview with Jim Manly by satellite phone that took place just a few hours before the Israeli navy attacked the Estelle in international waters.

What a difference a few hours make. Soon after, we lost communication with Jim Manly and the rest of the crew. The reason has been recorded in this video that was smuggled by some of the Estelle crew.

Just remember this is just the beginning of the attack. We will get a more complete picture of the rest of the brutal and reportedly violent attack on the Estelle and her crew as the participants of this mission return to their respective countries and recount publicly details of their experience.

However, at this early stage one common feeling is already transpiring: The Estelle’s mission was successful in declaring to the world that Israel’s blockade of Gaza is inhuman and illegal, and showing to the Palestinians in Gaza that our solidarity is relentless and we will come again. The optimism continues and the hope grows.


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