Interview with David Heap

A-Infos Radio Project interviews Gaza Ark member David Heap on what is going on in Gaza, and the lack of a response to Israel's aggression within European and North American capitals.

The interview took place on November 19 when the Israeli attack on Gaza was still going on before the cease-fire. However, the issues that David discusses are still current today: Israeli targetting of innocent civilians under an illegal blockade and the uneven balance of forces that allows Israeli military incursions into Gaza.

The recent unprovoked attack on Gaza was attributed to a perverse political campaign towards elections that Netanyahu faces in Israel early next year. The governments of most European countries, Canada and the US have remained silent during the attack on Gaza, but David states that any change in the so called Palestinian-Israeli conflict must be triggered by the international civil society by calling on politicians to put an end to Israel's occupation. 

Hear the full interview here.

A cease-fire was brokered by Egypt on November 21.


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