Ehab Lotayef interviewed about attack on Gaza


On CJAM 99.1 FM in Windsor, ON

On the line from Montreal was Ehab Lotayef, a prominent activist for the cause of the Palestinian people. He is a respected social justice advocate in Montreal, is a poet and playwright, and has intimate knowledge of the suffering of the Palestinian people; especially those in Gaza. He is also an organizer of Gaza’s Ark that will, with “a crew of internationals and Palestinians[,] … sail … out of Gaza, the only Mediterranean port closed to shipping, carrying Palestinian products to fulfill trade deals with international buyers, to challenge the illegal and inhuman Israeli blockade.”

In this segment, Lotayef  provides an analysis of the Israeli assault on Gaza including a critique of the media coverage and the political realities in Israel and the Middle east and the relationship between Israel and the United States. As well, he describes the important organizing for Gaza’s Ark, a project meant to provide shipbuilding  jobs to move Gazan products to regional markets on a small scale. This attempt to move goods out of Gaza will also test the easing of the blockade negotiated in the cease-fire. The clip starts off with sounds from Friday’s march and rally in Windsor in support of the people of Gaza: 

Listen to interview here (lower link)



Rally for Gaza, Windsor Nov. 23, 2012. (Photo: Ian Clough)



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