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As we enter what is a ‘season of giving’ for many of our supporters, we appeal to you to donate to Gaza’s Ark as we continue to challenge the Israeli blockade of Gaza, particularly after the recent 8 day Israeli attack on Gaza that killed more than 170 and wounded over 1,000.

 Three of our steering committee members have been to Gaza in the past two months, one with Noam Chomsky when he visited Gaza in October and two others immediately following the Israeli attack. One steering committee member lives in Gaza. We have seen with our own eyes the devastating effect of the continuing blockade and the latest Israeli attack.  The people of Gaza appeal to us to create international events that expose the effects of Israeli actions. Gaza's Ark is the latest international effort.
 With your support and that of international figures such as Desmond Tutu and Noam Chomsky (complete list:, we will break the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza and attempt to sail a boat from Gaza carrying Palestinian products to buyers all around the world. The international publicity of Gaza's Ark will put the Israeli naval blockade again in the media, as have the Gaza Freedom Flotillas — of which we are a part — over the past years.
 We have raised 35,000$ to date but to start work early in the new year we need another 25,000$ which we hope you will help us raise over the holiday season. To help end the blockade of Gaza, please consider donating now: 

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