2013 Sponsored Diet to Benefit Palestine

sponsoreddietcartoonYou are invited to support Palestine by taking part in our 2013 Sponsored Diet! to benefit Gaza’s Ark .

Israel restricts the amount of food going in to Gaza, a ruthless and deliberate policy whereby the dietary needs of the Gazan people are chillingly calculated to keep the population alive at a near starvation level.  An Israeli minister joked that they were ‘putting the Palestinians on a diet’. Members of the international community are invited to join in a diet voluntarily, to show solidarity with the people of Gaza, and to raise funds for Gaza’s Ark 

The Rules

  • Weigh-in on or around Thursday Jan 3rd 2013  at home or with fellow dieters
  • Join the 2013 Sponsored Diet Google Group for moral support
  • Get sponsors (suggest $2 per pound or $1 per kilogram or in whatever your currency is)
  • Eat less or differently
  • Weigh-out Thursday March 28th or thereabouts, after 12 weeks
  • Exercise more, on your own, or with your local group
  • Collect money from sponsors
  • Give in all money to Gaza’s Ark (or your local organizer) by May 1st 2013
  • Dieters and their sponsors may choose between supporting Gaza’s Ark or 14FP.

Please note that your actual weight will remain confidential at all times.

This year there will be a subsection for underweight people who need to gain weight. The same rules apply, but in reverse.

Those of you who do not need/wish to lose weight are invited to sponsor those of us that do.

If you want to join or sponsor someone, please email 14friendsofpalestine@gmail.com  

To download flier click here


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