Buy symbolic shares in Gaza’s Ark – Shares in Hope

As we state in our Mission Statement

Gaza’s Ark is rebuilding a large fishing boat in Gaza and converting it into a cargo vessel using existing resources. A crew of internationals and Palestinians will sail it out of Gaza, the only Mediterranean port closed to shipping, carrying Palestinian products to fulfill trade deals with international buyers, to challenge the illegal and inhuman Israeli blockade.




Gaza’s Ark relies fully on donations from individuals and NGOs from all over the world. We do not accept any funds from governments. We believe that people like you can make a difference. Our joint effort can make that happen. You can be part of it in a very concrete way.

Building a boat is very complex and has many different components. We have now purchased a fishing boat in Gaza and we have initiated works to refurbish it for sailing on the high seas. 

We have made a down payment on the boat and we still need to raise the rest of the money to complete the payment and the rebuilding work.

We need your help now in the completion of Gaza's Ark.

  • We would like to offer you the opportunity to own symbolic shares in Gaza’s Ark. Each symbolic share has a unit value of $50 (Canadian).
  • You can buy as many units of Gaza’s Ark shares as you would like (in multiples of $50) and we will apply your contribution directly towards the cost of the boat.
  • This offer is valid until we can cover the full cost of the purchase and refurbishing of the boat.







This is how you can do it:

* Click on Buy Now button below
* In the PayPal window indicate how many shares (Quantity) you would like to purchase (each share is worth $50) and click on Update; you will see the current total of your purchase
* Give your name and address

When we receive your contribution we will e-mail you (or mail by post if you prefer) a “Gaza – A share in Hope” symbolic certificate with your name on it and the value that you have donated.

This will make a perfect gift from you. While purchasing the shares give us instructions to put the name of your dear one on the certificate.

If you contribute $1,000 (Canadian) or more, your name can appear on a plaque placed on Gaza’s Ark unless you choose to remain anonymous.


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