It’s about Trade not Aid

February 7, 2013

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Dear friends and supporters of Gaza’s Ark;

Gaza’s Ark is a project, which will rebuild a boat in Gaza, with Palestinian hands, that will carry Palestinian products out to the world. The main goal of Gaza’s Ark, with the support of people like you, is to challenge Israel’s illegal and unjust blockade of Gaza.

The blockade is having tragic consequences on  all aspects of life in Gaza. Those whose livelihood depends on manufacturing have seen their ability to produce decline as a result of lack of raw materials that cannot be easily imported. At the same time they cannot export whatever they produce. This creates a dependence on foreign aid.

Palestinians need trade not aid. This is their call.

Please watch this short video produced in Gaza by a local filmmaker, in which a Palestinian manufacturer tells the story: “Embroidery Makers of Gaza” and then circulate this message to your community, friends and relatives.

You can become a part of this project by purchasing a symbolic Gaza’s Ark share, a Share in Hope, here

Visit our website to find out more and how you can help make Gaza’s Ark a reality and/or simply make a donation here

Thank you!

In solidarity,

Gaza’s Ark Steering Committee


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