Tunisians, intl. activists commemorate Land Day, organize Gaza Freedom Flotilla

Human rights activists from 5 continents have gathered in Tunis to organize a new Freedom Flotilla which will break the Israeli blockade on the Gaza strip.

Courtesy of PressTV

As Palestinian people mark the 37th Land Day commemorating the killing of six citizens during protests against the confiscation of their land, thousands of protesters from 176 countries took to the streets to support the Palestinian cause. 

Tunisian and Foreign Activists are marching in the Capital City Tunis to denounce Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories as well as Tel Aviv’s crimes against humanity. 

Ordinary citizens and politicians chanted slogans against Zionism and demanded the criminalization of normalizing relations with Israel. 

Tunisian and European members of Parliament joined the crowds and denounced the inhuman treatment of Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails. 

A few years ago, massive demonstrations to support the Palestinian cause and defy the Zionist regime were considered a crime by Tunisian authorities. The revolution has changed the reality in the North African country as Land Day is not only commemorated by Tunisians, but also foreign politicians, students and activists who are united against Israeli occupation.


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