How is Gaza’s Ark not an aid project?

GA&FFCA number of Palestinian civil society organizations have said very clearly: they do not want to depend on humanitarian aid; they need their freedom to live in dignity. The economy of Gaza has been very prosperous in the past; it can be again in the future. To get there, the entire humanitarian “aid” in the world will be insufficient without the political will to end the blockade.

The economic contribution of a boat with 40 cubic meters of goods is necessarily symbolic: the important thing is the political gesture to assert the Palestinians’ right to freedom of movement and economic sovereignty. Our slogan is not so much against aid as it is also for (fair) trade, and more broadly, in favor of economic sovereignty.

There is ample evidence that a wide range of Palestinians in fact reject the narrow concept of "aid" — which in practice really further enables the Occupation both in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip. 

Here is a small sample of the many sources on this topic:

We support their call. 


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