Gaza’s Ark media event took place in Gaza

Posted 9 June 2013

Reported by Awni Farhat

Many local and international agencies covered the event.

Gaza's Ark Project Manager Mahfouz Kabariti stated that Gaza’s Ark is a joint initiative by Palestinians in Gaza and many international activists from different countries around the world. He mentioned that Gaza’s Ark challenges the Israeli inhuman blockade, which has been imposed on the Gaza Strip since 2007.  Mahfouz also said that Gaza seaport is the only Mediterranean port closed to shipping. (In the photo, left to right: Muhammed Kabariti, Awni Farhat, Michael Coleman, Mahfouz Kabariti, Charlie Andreasson, unidentified).

Steering Committee member Michael Coleman said that a large fishing boat, purchased from Palestinians, is currently being refurbished in Gaza and converted into a cargo vessel using existing resources by Palestinian hands and expertise, with international assistance. Coleman said that a crew of internationals and Palestinians will sail it out of Gaza carrying Palestinian products, "made in Palestine", to fulfill trade deals with international buyers, to challenge the illegal and inhuman Israeli blockade.

Finally Freedom Flotilla Coalition member Charlie Andreasson (a Swedish sailor who was with the crew of the Estelle last year) said that Gaza's Ark aims to raise the voice of fishermen, producers, Palestinians here in Gaza to the whole world. This is a peaceful action to challenge the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip.

Gaza's Ark is an unique initiative that happens for the first time, trying to break the blockade by sailing from Gaza to the outside.

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More photos available here and here 

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