Ramadan in Gaza – Please Give Generously

Ramadan in Gaza – Please Give Generously

logo for mailing to listMuslims in Gaza – like Muslims all over the world – are currently observing Ramadan.  The month of Ramadan ends in early August with the Eid (Feast) which is supposed to be a time of celebration and festivity.  But what kind of Ramadan is it for people in Gaza this year and what kind of feast will it be?*

Palestinians in Gaza have endured colossal suffering during the six years of the Israeli blockade. With the new government of Egypt having closed the remaining lifelines that Palestinians in Gaza relied upon, this will surely be the most difficult Ramadan and Eid they have gone through.

The work on Gaza's Ark is also affected by these latest developments.  The materials we need are more difficult to find.  The prices are fluctuating and sometimes exaggerated based on speculation or news spreading in the community.  Yet our work continues.

The project has raised over 140 thousand dollars to date, of which we have already spent over 110 thousand, with another 40 thousand dollars owed (payable), including the remaining part of the boat purchase.  We need to ensure that contributions are received regularly so that our work can continue without stopping because of lack of funds.

Gaza's Ark (www.gazaark.org) is not only a challenge to the blockade but is also a project that is creating work and business in Gaza.  Gaza's Ark is not a charity handout but is fulfilling what the people of Palestine want: work and trade, not aid.

In this season of giving in the Muslim community, please donate to Gaza's Ark (http://www.gazaark.org/donate/) to ensure that the challenge to the illegal blockade of Gaza continues and that Palestinians in Gaza can live more normal lives, which so many of us enjoy.

In solidarity 

Gaza's Ark Steering committee

* To know more about the hardship in Gaza this Ramadan read: http://tinyurl.com/ld3her9 

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