We remember Free Gaza five years ago

Welcomed by everyoneWe landed in Gaza after a two-year work of love and passion that finally happened. That day five years ago, for the 40,000 Palestinians on the shores of Gaza and the 44 tired and seasick passengers, is engraved in our memories. We contributed to the way people saw the Palestinians of Gaza. What followed was Gaza Freedom March, Viva Palestina, dozens of delegations coming into Gaza, from the fishermen of Ireland to the charities of Bahrain. 

We should all remember that we landed safely in Gaza five times, bringing in witnesses, members of the European Parliament, Nobel Laureate Mairead Maguire, doctors, engineers, volunteers… before we began to be brutally stopped in December, 2008 during Operation Cast Lead.

We wish all supporters of the Palestinian struggle and for justice for Palestine a very happy 5th Anniversary!

May this anniversary bring in tons more support for the current project of building Gaza's Ark in Gaza with the ultimate goal of sailing from Gaza City, Palestine and breaking the illegal Israeli blockade and inhuman collective punishment. It is possible; it has been done before!

May Gaza's Ark have a very successful voyage in breaking the Israeli blockade and establishing trade with other countries. 

In solidarity

Free Gaza

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