Medical crisis worsens in Gaza

(watch PressTV video here)

An Israeli blockade has been imposed on Gaza for seven years paralyzing almost all sectors of life; such blockade led the southern Gate of Gaza along the borders of Egypt to be the main path line of the 1.7 million Gazans.

Since the upsurge of unrest in Egypt, Egypt has tightened security measures along the borders, resulting in a dire reduction of medical supplies as well as a reduction in the number of sick people getting outside of Gaza for medical treatment. 

According to the ministry of health, %30 of medicines and medical supplies used to get into Gaza through the Rafah crossing. And as a result of the closure, hospitals in Gaza are running short on medical supplies. 

The Egyptian closure has affected hundreds of chronic diseases’ patients as their treatment either depends on unavailable medicines in Gaza or equipment that runs on electricity while the fuel crisis is also ongoing. 

Under an Israeli blockade, the Egyptian closure has only deepened the crises in Gaza. The Ministry of health is concerned about the stability of the medical services offered in Gaza. And they also call on the Egyptian authorities to help put an end to the medical crisis.

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