Help the Children of Gaza sail towards Freedom on Saturday November 30th

by supporting the mini-Ark project:

3 Gaza children-Mini Ark"You can help brighten a dark path.  Lead the way and sail with the children of Gaza towards freedom." said Heba Hayek of Gaza, a member of Gaza's Ark committee.

Your efforts will help launch almost 200 mini-Arks in order to spotlight the inhumane conditions to which the Palestinians in Gaza, and particularly the children, are subjected. Groups all over the world, from North America and Europe to South Africa and Australia will sail small boats on their lakes, rivers and swimming pools and stage community actions with symbolic mini-Arks on the same day, November 30th.

We are asking you, without delay, to:

1)    Create a Mini-Ark Action in your community: Make your own Mini-Arks with your children and/or children in your community. Write a message of solidarity or write: "Gaza: End the silence! End the Blockade!" Take pictures/video, send them to us and we'll post it on online, or post it yourself at our Facebook event. We will share your images with the children of Gaza. This is a deeply symbolic act of hope that is sure to bring a smile to all involved! 

2)    Spread the word, join the mini-Ark Facebook event and follow this action on Twitter @GazaArk. Every person counts! Tell anybody and everybody: help us end the blockade and the silence! Invite your Facebook contacts to and tweet about Gaza's Ark on Twitter, asking your followers to follow us too. Tweet and re-tweet about the Gaza Mini-Ark project using "mini #GazaArk": .

Stay tuned for our next announcement. We want everyone who reads this plea from the children of Gaza to help them ‘sail their boats to freedom.

The mini-Arks initiative is supported by a growing number of Palestinian organizations in Gaza, including:

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