Noam Chomsky supports mini Arks action by children of Gaza

Chomsky in GazaNoam Chomsky has issued a statement of support for the children of Gaza in their action on November 30.

The international community is called to follow this action happening at the Port of Gaza at 12:30 pm local time.

These efforts to launch mini-Arks are to spotlight the inhumane conditions under which the Palestinians in Gaza, and particularly the children, live. In addition, groups all over the world, from North America to Europe will sail small boats on their lakes, rivers and swimming pools and stage supporting actions on the same day, November 30th.

You can be part of it!

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"It was incredibly moving, and inspiring, to learn about the Mini Arks that are to sail from Gaza on Nov. 30.  The courage and heroism of the people of Gaza, enduring shocking crimes and torture, is one of the wonders of the age.  I hope that the arks that the children are sending forth will at least reach the conscience of the world, and help bring these horrors to an end."

Noam Chomsky

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