Statements of solidarity for the children of Gaza

On occasion of the Mini Ark Campaign that will take place in Gaza on Nov 30th, these are some of the statements sent to them to support and encourage their action.

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As the late, great Howard Zinn once said, "All wars are wars against children."  The Mini Arks are sailing to honor the rights of children, that they may live in peace and safety.  May the strong winds of justice fill their sails.
best wishes,

Naomi Wallace, U.S. playwright


It was incredibly moving, and inspiring, to learn about the Mini Arks that are to sail from Gaza on Nov. 30.  The courage and heroism of the people of Gaza, enduring shocking crimes and torture, is one of the wonders of the age.  I hope that the arks that the children are sending forth will at least reach the conscience of the world, and help bring these horrors to an end.

Noam Chomsky, professor of linguistics & political commentator


The children of Gaza are trapped in a horrible and life threatening situation through no fault of their own.

They do not have enough food, the water is undrinkable and they wade through sewage to and from school, now that the sewage pumps no longer work, due to the mean and cruel actions of the Israeli government

 Israel seems to have forgotten their TEN Commandments, given to them by their god.

The children refuse to be cowed and are sending their hopes and wishes for a brighter future out to sea away from their open prison.

Hear O israel!

Baroness Jenny Tonge, House of Lords, Westminster, UK.


Events like this help the children of Gaza temporarily overcome the great difficulties they face daily under Israel's cruel & inhuman occupation & siege of Gaza, will help the children put aside for a little while the constant fear of yet another brutal attack by Israel.  In a paraphrased version of an old American folk song, I sing for them "Gaza children sail your boats….."
Peace, Salaam,

Hedy Epstein, Holocaust survivor. St. Louis,  MO. USA


To the Children of Gaza,
 Congratulations to the children of Gaza for helping to break the illegal blockade.  Because of the blockade, there are many things which other children enjoy but you don’t have.  But you have something that many people in our world don’t have.  You have courage; you have imagination; you have a dream of peace and freedom and are prepared to work to make that dream come true.
We hope the boats you launch will sail right into the heart of people around the world and encourage them to work with you for your peace and freedom.  Gaza will be free!
Best wishes from Jim and Eva Manly, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.


Congratulations to all the children sailing their mini Gaza-Arks. I admire  their courage, their appeal for humanity from those who maintain the inhuman siege. We express our solidarity with such brave and visionary  young sailors and for all you gutsy people associate with Gaza's Ark.

Solidarity and Best Wishes,

Stuart Rees, For the Sydney Peace Foundation, Australia.

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