GAZA: Israeli Killing Field?

Video interview with Eva Bartlett – 

“It is slow motion genocide!” exclaims Eva Bartlett about Palestinians’ treatment.

Ms. Bartlett witnessed Israel's depraved Operation Cast Lead on the ground in Gaza while bombs burst all around.  For years, she has collaborated with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). 

Her credible report is “the violence [in Gaza] is worse than portrayed.”  It well resembles a Killing Field.

At root is covetous aggression for LAND.  Israelis are sadistically out to depopulate The Arab.  They deploy ordinance, psycho-torment, sewage, and near starvation all as weapons.

This interview was hard-hitting.  Ms. Bartlett comments on the stark power imbalance between caged Palestinians and modern Israeli kill teams.

Ominous for the future – Israel is radicalizing.  Effort is underway to JUDAIZE Jerusalem – an exercise of OPEN APARTHEID.

Ms. Bartlett makes clear “A normal person, once informed about Israel, will feel indignant!” 

Sadly, Western World Leaders chuck civilization.  They have to – Zionism colonizes the West as it colonizes Gaza!

You can also hear a radio interview with Eva here:


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