Gaza Children Serve Their Computers. A bid towards Opening Rafah Crossing

  Dozens of Palestinian children, some of them suffer permanent disabilities, participated Wednesday in a sit-in outside the Rafah crossing gate, offering their computers to solve the computer malfunctioning  problem cited by Egyptian authorities to close the crossing.

The children were carrying their computers and banners reading "Take our computers to keep Rafah crossing open", and "We will offer you our pocket money to buy new computers ".

Gaza’s Rafah crossing with Egypt has been closed more often than opened in recent months under the pretext that the computer system at the crossing broke down.

The participants called on Egyptian Authorities to open Rafah crossing permanently especially that hundreds of patients and students are still stranded waiting to allow their travel to receive treatment or to complete their education.

The Rafah crossing is experiencing its worst days since the end of last June after the Egyptian military ousted the elected president.


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