Gaza’s Ark now registered: Needs lettering, generator and more!

logo for mailing to listWe are pleased to announce that we are now in full possession of the Ark! Having paid the final instalment of the boat purchase, in January, we have now registered Gaza’s Ark in the name of our organization. Thank you to everyone who helped to pay the $85,000 for the fishing boat that we are converting into a cargo vessel. Completing the registration was a very special moment for all of us.

Now that we own the boat and it is registered, one of the next tasks is to paint the name on the boat. GAZA’S ARK will be painted on both sides of the boat as well as the back, along with our logo. The letters will be enormous, and will be painted on using stencils. Would you like to sponsor a letter? If so, please see list below.

Other jobs that need to be done this week include buying a new generator, as well as installing the fuel and water tanks.There is also plumbing and electrical work that needs to be completed if we are to finish on schedule. So, we are calling on your help again to pay for these items and the wages of the Palestinians carrying out this work.

Below is a list of how much each item will cost. Would you like to sponsor the cost of one of these items, or contribute towards them? Once we receive your donation we will email you a certificate detailing the item sponsored and your name. With your permission, we will also put your name on the Gaza’s Ark website as having sponsored the particular item; but of course this is optional.

  • Generator deposit: $3,000
  • Electrical installation: $2,000
  • Deposit for fresh water tank and fuel tank: $2,000
  • Wages for plumbers and electricians: $1,000
  • Letters: GAZA’S ARK, GAZA’S ARK, GAZA’S ARK: $30 each. (please select a letter with a second choice, or simply state “any letter” if you have no preference).
  • Logos: $150 each.

And if you only have $10 to donate, that will pay for one of the apostrophes!

Total needed this coming week: $9,050

Thanks again for your support. Gaza’s Ark is well on its way to being completed and sailing from Palestine to challenge the blockade.


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