Sinai home bombings harm Gaza homes

Sunday, March 16, 2014

GAZA CITY – Scores of Palestinian homes in the southern part of the Gaza Strip were harmed as a result of the bombing by Egypt's army of homes on the other side of the border.

The Egyptian army had bombed four homes close to the border with Gaza in the north of the Sinai Peninsula.

The bombing damaged the glass of homes in Tel al-Sultan district in Rafah on the Palestinian side of the border, according to an Anadolu Agency reporter.

He also cited cracks in the walls of around 100 Palestinian homes.

The reporter also saw damages done to a mosque located 300 meters from the border with Egypt.

Egypt is mounting a comprehensive military operation against militants in Sinai.

The operation includes the destruction of hundreds of smuggling underground tunnels with Gaza as well as militants hideouts.

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