Gaza’s Ark gets help from an old bus!

logo for mailing to listOnce again we would like to say a huge thank you for the very generous donations that came in after our last fundraising appeal. In particular we would like to thank those who have funded almost the entire cost of the generator as well as the cost of all the letters to be painted on Gaza's Ark. We will circulate pictures of the name being painted on the port, starboard and stern of the boat as soon as this has been completed.

Meanwhile, work continues on the boat (, despite enormous difficulties. With the closure of the Rafah crossing to Egypt, it is often impossible to get hold of everything we need. Prices have shot up because of the shortages in Gaza, and in some cases have more than doubled, as with the chairs and stove. But do the Palestinians ever give up? No fear! The enterprise and creativity of the boat builders have been extraordinary. For example, marine windows are now completely unavailable in Gaza, thanks to the siege, so the team is converting bus windows instead to use for our cabins. 







We often say that our project would be so much easier if there were no siege – but then there would be no reason for our project either!

So, despite all odds, the refurbishing is almost completed, and now we can move on to the fun part of adding the accessories – the navigation and communication equipment, and the furniture. 

If you would like to help fund any of the following, we would be most grateful: 
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VHF radio, $700;
Satellite phone, $1,800;
GPS, $1,500
Wind indicator, $150;
Stove, $400; 
Dining room/work table $300;
Two stools for captain and crew, $100
Twelve chairs, $720 
Twelve beds, $120 each, total $1,440 
Five Smoke detectors, $100 each;
Total: $7,610 

Thank you for your continuing support of Gaza's Ark!

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