Red Cross warns collapse of humanitarian services in Gaza

Gaza: The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Monday warned of a collapse of humanitarian services in the Gaza Strip due to eight years of Israeli blockade. 

Head of the ICRC mission in Gaza Christian Cardon said the tightening restrictions imposed on the movement of goods and individuals from and into the Gaza Strip "are ringing a bell". 

He warned that the Israeli measures and the ongoing Egyptian closure of the Rafah border crossing point with Gaza "are worrying and will influence the humanitarian situation in the territory". 

The Gaza Strip, an impoverished and densely populated coastal enclave ruled by Hamas, has been under a tight Israeli blockade since the Islamic movement seized control of it by force in 2007. Free movement of goods, products and individuals is restricted.

Egypt has kept the Rafah border crossing closed since the ouster of former Islamic president Mohamed Morsi in early July last year, and opened it temporarily for humanitarian cases. 

Egypt has also destroyed thousands of tunnels dug by the Palestinians to escape the Israeli blockade, which has badly affected people's daily life in Gaza. 

"The lack of all materials, mainly construction materials and fuels, in addition to the lack of goods and high prices, I think thus will certainly affect the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip," Cardon said.


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