Australian Senator supports Gaza’s Ark

Australian Senator Lee Rhiannon supports Gaza's Ark In a statement on her website:

"I extend my support to Gaza's Ark following the recent bombing of their boat. This has been identified as a terrorist attack by Knesset member Haneen Zoabi. I support Mrs Zoabi's call for a thorough investigation.

With an international and Palestinian crew Gaza's Ark was due to sail out of Gaza with a cargo of Palestinian products to fulfil trade deals with international buyers. This peaceful action is challenging the illegal and inhuman Israeli blockade.

This is the latest attempt at violent suppression of peaceful actions against the seven year blockade of Gaza. In 2010 nine activists were killed when Israeli commandos opened fire on a Gaza bound aid ship.

The blockade of Gaza has been condemned as illegal collective punishment by Amnesty International, the Red Cross, and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (links below).

The Israeli government argues that restricting the movement of goods into Gaza is to protect its citizens but their claim defies belief. At various times cooking condiments, fabrics and writing implements have been restricted. Water shortages caused by the blockade have resulted in an ongoing health crisis. Restricting basic necessities available to the people of Gaza is not about security for Israelis, it is an assault on human dignity designed to further Israeli control over Palestinian land.

I support Gaza's Ark and reiterate the Greens' call for Israel to cease its illegal occupation of the Occupied Palestinian Territories. You can show your support for the people of Palestine by signing this petition and making a donation to Gaza's Ark. "


Lee Rhiannon is the Australian Greens Senator for NSW.
Lee is well-known for her energetic work in the environment and social justice movement over four decades.
She was a Greens MP in the NSW Upper House from 1999 -2010

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