Gaza rally supports hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners in Israel jails

Published on 1 Jun 2014 – PressTV

Members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad as well as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the PFLP have rallied held near the Israeli-controlled Erez crossing in northern Gaza. The rally was in solidarity with dozens of Palestinian prisoners who are on a hunger strike in Israeli jails. They launched the strike in April to protest Israel's administrative detention which allows imprisonment of people without charge or trial. According to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad's Muhjat Alquds foundation for prisoners, many hunger-strikers face imminent danger in Israeli prisons, with some of them already being hospitalized. Under Israel's Administrative Detention system, prisoners are not informed about the reason of their imprisonment or the allegations against them. The system also keeps the detainees behind bars indefinitely. Palestinian prisoners have made it clear that they will not end the hunger-strike until Israel stops the practice of Administrative Detention. Rights groups say the plight of Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli prisons reflects the plight of the Palestinian people as a whole. Israeli forces have put behind bars around eight hundred thousand Palestinians since 1967.

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