Syn Allois Cooperative, Terra Verde and Chania Immigrant Social Center support Gaza’s Ark

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack against Gaza's Ark, work to restore and let the Ark sail in autumn continues. Gaza's Ark will be loaded with products from Palestine, starting their voyage from Gaza's harbor to the people that have already ordered them.

In Greece the project is supported by hundreds of people from all over the country and especially from the island of Crete, who have made dozens of product orders in order to support Palestinian producers.

The first official order of Palestinian products has been undertaken by Syn Allois (Sin Alis) Cooperative (Nileos 34, Thissio – Athens, 118 51). The specific products that have been ordered are foodstuffs: Dugga, Za'atar, Debes, Makhtom and Ajwa. The total amount of this first order has been 752 euros. Regarding their decision to participate at the order of the Palestinian products, the members of the Syn Allois Cooperative have commented:

“We happily responded to the proposition of Ship to Gaza – Greece to mediate in order for the products, carried by Gaza's Ark, to be brought to Greece. We want to declare our solidarity with the producers' cooperatives who are denied the ability to export their products due to the peculiar situation of the blockade applied by the Israeli state. We believe that every collective and solidarity effort to set up a economic activity, in terms of democracy and equality of its members (regardless of sex or religion), must be supported by everyone wishing to contribute in peace and social justice in this troubled region. We know that the movement of Gaza's Ark may have a small but symbolic dimension but we support it because it may contribute to lifting the social and financial apartheid situation imposed by the state of Israel”.

The support of the Alternative & Solidarity Trade store “Terra Verde” as well as that of the Chania Immigrant Social Center has been of great importance.

Due to the illegal blockade imposed by Israel since 2001 and more intensively since 2007, Gaza is denied the opportunity of any commercial transaction with the rest of the world. All necessary goods may enter Gaza only through one point, fully controlled by Israel. Gaza airport in not operational, while Gaza's port is the only port in the Mediterranean sea where not only navigation is prohibited, but also fishing outside a 3-mile area from the coast. As a result, Gazan society has been transformed into a society 80% financially dependent on UN aid.

The aim of Gaza's Ark is to break the illegal and inhuman siege that steadily converts Gaza to an uninhabitable place. Moreover to let citizens of Gaza move and travel freely in the rest of the world, just as every citizen of the world does.

Ship to Gaza – Greece wishes once again to thank Syn Allois Cooperative, Terra Verde and Chania Immigrant Social Center, as also all the people that have been supporting Palestinian producers by ordering products about to be carried by Gaza's Ark from blockaded Gaza to western ports.

Ship to Gaza – Greece, member of “Freedom Flotilla Coalition” supporting Gaza's Ark project

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