News from Gaza

Rafah Border Closed Wednesday

Last update 6/19/2014 9:22:12 AM 

The Egyptian authorities closed yesterday evening Rafah Crossing after it was opened for four days exceptionally for pilgrims and humanitarian cases. The Administration of crossings in the Ministry of Interior(MOI) explained that 868 travellers, who were registered in MOI's registration offices,  left the Gaza Strip yesterday.    

167 Stranded in Cairo Airport  entered the Gaza Strip and 77 others were returned by Egyptian authorities without reason.

Thousands of Palestinians wait to travel via Rafah Crossing  but Egyptian authorities close it frequently.

Military Police Deploys its Members in Gaza Strip

Last update 6/19/2014 12:40:42 PM 



The  Military Police of the National Security forces sets a deployment plan for its members in various regions in the Gaza Strip.

The commander of Military Police Col.Jihad Muheisen stated that the plan of deployment will take place after the termination of related Military Police training sessions.

He noted that maps will be used  in the framework of processing the work of Military Police in order to get more advancement in the level of its performance.

"The plan includes the places of deployment of Military Police members, where there are   fixed and mobile points", the Director of Operations Unit in Military Police Colonel Jihad Shobaki said.

He added that the places of deployment are main junctions and security headquarters, stressing that much efforts are made to create an operation room to monitor the work of the Military Police in the field.

Israeli Airstrikes Against Gaza

Last update 6/19/2014 10:10:51 AM 

Gaza Strip–(MOI)

Local sources reported that Israeli Aircrafts targeted several swaths in the Gaza Strip at dawn. 

A couple of citizens was injured after bombing concrete factory in Sheikh Zayed town in northern Gaza Strip, medical sources reported.

 Israeli Aircrafts attacked an empty land in Alzaitoon suburb and they attacked Abo Jarad site in the center of Gaza Strip.

Israeli aircraft launched a raid on various areas in Almaggossi region in western Gaza Strip.

The Gazan Ministry of Interior(MOI) denounced the Israeli Aggressions on the Gaza strip. 

The MOI's spokesperson, Iyad Albozom, posted on his page on facebook that the Israeli escalation in Gaza and the west bank will not attain its goals and the Palestinian people are still steadfast and have a great will.   


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