Israel continues its brutal attacks on the civilian population in Gaza

Israel has launched another criminal attack against the civilian population of Gaza, with air-raids, rockets and missiles from land and sea and threats of a land invasion.

One of the heavily hit areas is the port of Gaza, where Gaza's Ark is under repair, after it was sabotaged in late April.  We have suspended work on Gaza's Ark to avoid unnecessary risks to workers and other individuals.

logo for mailing to listDr. Mona El-Farra (Gaza's Ark Advisory Committee member and renowned Gaza activist) has written an eyewitness report on the attacks and their effects (see below).
Please speak up.  Join actions in your city or area.  Here is a list of planned mobilizations worldwide:

    * If nothing is taking place close to you, please initiate an action.

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In Solidarity
Gaza's Ark Steering Committee


Eyewitness report from Gaza:

Gaza under attack – day 1

Gaza under attack – day 2
by Dr. Mona El-Farra


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