Why Israel feared Gaza’s Ark?

Ehab Lotayef writes a letter to the Montreal Gazette:

Letter: Israeli’s attack on Gaza’s Ark was unacceptable

I was aboard the Canadian boat to Gaza in 2011, challenging the Israeli blockage of Gaza, when we were attacked in international waters, imprisoned and then deported.

This did not deter us. In 2012, we decided to fight the blockade in a different way, by building a cargo ship inside of Gaza dubbed Gaza’s Ark, loading it with local products and moving through the blockade from the inside out.

It seems Israel feared our peaceful exports more than we anticipated. On April 29, Gaza’s Ark was attacked and badly damaged; we pulled it to shore and started repairs. But then last week, Gaza’s Ark received a direct hit by a shell from an Israeli warship that destroyed it.

The loss of Gaza’s Ark pales in comparison to the death and destruction in Gaza. But it is unacceptable that Israel saw the need to eliminate Gaza’s Ark, too.

Israel claims to be the victim of terrorists. This is why nothing frightens it more than a peaceful project. But it will never kill our determination.

Ehab Lotayef 

Steering committee member, Gaza’s Ark



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