Andreasson: Photo report from Gaza

Charlie Andreasson, a Swedish international, is in Gaza. He has been collaborating with the refurbishing of Gaza's Ark for several months before the boat was bombed by the Israeli navy. Charlie has also been a human shield with other internationals at the El-Wafa hospital that eventually was bombed by Israel.

Charlie reports from Gaza. He sends these photos taken in the last few hours that reflect the expressions of distress and worry of Palestinians on the streets of Gaza.

"6 AM local time a residential house at Omar el Mukthar street in the central Gaza City  was targetted with two somewhat smaller missiles but still caused damages. Fifty minutes later I was a witness to two more missile attacks on the same building. People where evacuated from nearby buildings, fleeing, and only a few carried anything but small children. Many were walking without shoes. The civil defence couldn't go in to the targeted building for fear of more attacks, and right now, at 8.40 AM, I could hear more strikes.

People that were evacuated looked confused where to go, and it's no wonder why. Yesterday 135,000 people had left their homes, a number that is rising, and there is no place to go."



Gaza 22-7-14_0202

Smoke coming up after the hit 6.50AM – Photo: Charlie Andreasson

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