Expression of Gratitude

The Steering Committee of the Gaza Ark project would like to publicly express our gratitude to Swedish volunteer Charlie Andreasson for all his assistance to the project over the last year.

A sailor from Gothenburg who was part of the crew of the 2012 Estelle voyage [more info at], Charlie spent the last year living in Gaza, where he acted as Gaza Ark’s Quality Control Officer. His practical, on-site marine knowledge was vital to the project during the Ark’s refurbishment.11973503024_7f91575e58_o

Though we also would like to recognize Charlie’s work outside this campaign: he worked closely with the International Solidarity Movement [ISM] while in Gaza. Charlie, along with other internationals, did accompaniment work with Palestinian farmers and fishers prior to the recent Israeli aggression. Then during the 50 days of Israeli aggression on Gaza he was among the international volunteers who acted as human shields at al-Wafa hospital and accompanied Palestinian ambulance drivers and health workers while they were being targeted by Israeli soldiers in violation of international conventions of war.

Charlie’s volunteer work over the last year epitomizes the meaning of solidarity and is an example for all of us.

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