Who we are

Gaza’s Ark is a joint initiative by Palestinians in Gaza, including individuals from the Palestine Sailing Federation and the Fishermen’s Solidarity Campaign among others, and international solidarity activists, including Free Gaza Australia, the Canadian Boat to Gaza, and Americans affiliated with the organizing committees for the US Boat to Gaza and the Gaza Freedom March. Gaza's Ark is part of the ongoing international Freedom Flotilla Coalition challenging the illegal and inhumane Israeli blockade of Gaza. Decisions about Gaza's Ark are made by our international Steering Committee (members marked with * below).

Gaza, Palestine
Gaza Advisory Committee:
Mona ElFarra (Red Crescent Society for the Gaza Strip)
Mohammed Al-Bakri (Union of Agricultural Work Committees)
Haidar Eid (One Democratic State Group)
Maher Al-Tabaa (Gaza Chamber of Commerce)
Issam Yunis (Al Mezan Center for Human Rights) 

Gaza Working team:
Mahfouz Kabariti* (Spokesperson for Gaza’s Ark in Gaza, Project manager and ex-officio member of the Steering Committee)
Awni Farhat
Mohamed Mahdi

Michael Coleman*


Andrea Summers
David Heap* Spokesperson for Gaza’s Ark 
Ehab Lotayef* Spokesperson for Gaza’s Ark
Irene MacInnes*
Nizar Othman* Consulting Marine Engineer
Sandra Ruch*


Audrey Bomse*
Ann Wright 

Other Steering Committee members:

James Godfrey*

Partner organizations include:

Ship to Gaza Greece Ένα Καράβι για τη Γάζα

Ship to Gaza Norway

Freedom Flotilla Italia

International Committee to Break the Siege of Gaza

Palestine Solidarity Alliance (South Africa)

Rumbo a Gaza (Spain)

Free Gaza Movement



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