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Gaza’s Ark returns to the water – the value of small donors

Dear Friends:

We are pleased to announce that Gaza's Ark is now back in the water*, having had its hull thoroughly cleaned, overhauled and painted. Well done to the boat building team in Gaza!

You can see photos in our photo album and the video below.

Next on the refurbishing list comes the plumbing and electrical work.

Gaza Ark Project 2013

Charlie Andreasson, a member of Ship to Gaza Sweden, explains the Gaza Ark project. The several unsuccessful attempts to break the siege on Gaza, imposed by the israelis, from the 'outside in' made the activists think about this project which is based on breaking the siege from the 'inside out'. Free Palestine!


Gaza Ark Project 2013 from Gal·la on Vimeo.


‘Meet the Workers’ Profile – Mustafa Abu Oda

Mustafa Abu OdaMustafa Abu Oda is 24 years old and is a fisherman who lives in al-Shati refugee camp in the north west of Gaza Strip.

He left school during 4th grade so he could help his family with fishing.

Mustafa has been married since 2009 and has a 2-year-old and a 1-year-old daughter.

He shares a home with his 4 brothers and 2 sisters.

Mustafa said: “I wouldn’t keep fishing if there were other work opportunities, because it is not safe. Every day, fishermen get injured, captured and killed by the Israeli Navy. When they stop us, they humiliate the crew. Once, in the middle of winter they stopped us by force and at gunpoint demanded that we take off our clothes and get into the cold water, whilst they were laughing.” Where possible, we refuse to stop, because we know that we will be humiliated, injured or killed – they don’t respect us as humans.”

‘Meet the Workers’ Profile – Sami Ali Al-Goga

Gaza's Ark contributes in a small way to creating new employment opportunities for workers in Gaza to refurbish, safeguard and prepare Gaza’s Ark to sail.

‘Meet the Workers’ Profile – Sami Ali Al-Goga


“I lost my left hand when my fishing boat came under attack by an Israeli gunboat on 11th of March 2007”. 

Charlie from Sweden helps to break the blockade from the inside

Last year, Charlie Andreasson attempted to break the Charlie Andreasson from Gothemburg, Sweden.blockade of the Gaza Strip as a hand onboard Ship to Gaza's schooner, Estelle. Now, he is helping prepare Gaza's Ark, which is set to break the blockade from the opposite direction.  

Gaza's Ark is an international cooperative effort to break Israel's illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip. The blockade is now in its seventh year, continuing to suppress any possibility of Palestinian exports and traditional fishing industry. Coordinated international efforts have been made, for several years, to send ships to Gaza in order to break the blockade from the outside. The route is now being reversed: This time, a ship will sail from Gaza in order to break the blockade from within, going in the direction of the Mediterranean Sea. "We've got Gaza's Ark for our mission, a 24-meter wooden fishing boat which was purchased from Palestinian fishers," says Charlie Andreasson.

See Gaza’s Ark

 Dear friends:

On the 3rd commemoration of Israel's lawless and brutal attack on the Freedom Flotilla in 2010, Gaza's Ark and the Freedom Flotilla Coalition have not and will not give up efforts to challenge and end the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza.

This is a photo of the fishing trawler, ad-Dahoul, that we recently purchased from Palestinian fishers.  We have now started to transform it into Gaza's Ark – a cargo vessel to export Palestinian products from the port of Gaza, Palestine.


We have purchased Gaza’s Ark

On the 65th commemoration of the Nakba, the struggle continues.

With your help, we will sail towards justice

GA&FFCWhen Palestinians and other people of conscience mark Nakba (Catastrophe) Day on May 15, they insist that the world acknowledge the history of Palestinian dispossession since 1948.  As world leaders have ignored Palestinian dispossession in general, they have also ignored the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza under the  Israeli blockade. Gaza's Ark is a people-to-people campaign to force the injustices faced by Palestinians in Gaza back onto the world's agenda. 

We are excited to announce today that we have bought the boat that will become Gaza's Ark! 

Updates to be announced here

All upcoming updates on our work on the Ark will be posted here.

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