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2014 Gaza Solidarity 5K Walk/Run


Please help us spread the word by doing the following:

Send those emails! 

Once you’ve registered, send a quick email to friends and family asking them to join you. Tell them why this event is so important to you, and it will probably become important for them too. Here’s an UNRWA article if you want to give them the basics about psychological trauma for children in Gaza.

Gaza’s Ark now registered: Needs lettering, generator and more!

logo for mailing to listWe are pleased to announce that we are now in full possession of the Ark! Having paid the final instalment of the boat purchase, in January, we have now registered Gaza’s Ark in the name of our organization. Thank you to everyone who helped to pay the $85,000 for the fishing boat that we are converting into a cargo vessel. Completing the registration was a very special moment for all of us.

Now that we own the boat and it is registered, one of the next tasks is to paint the name on the boat. GAZA’S ARK will be painted on both sides of the boat as well as the back, along with our logo. The letters will be enormous, and will be painted on using stencils. Would you like to sponsor a letter? If so, please see list below.


Noor_HarazeenWe are stuck in the Gaza strip – the world’s biggest open air prison, The Egyptian military closed the ” Rafah ” border for almost a month now !! Many Gazan patients, students, and others aren’t able to leave !! While the Israeli\Egyptian border ” Taba ” didn’t close for one single day !!
Today the Egyptians said that they will be opening ” Rafah ” tomorrow only to let people enter Gaza, but no one will be leaving the Gaza strip !!
What kind of treatment is this ?! coming from your Arab neighboring country ?!
We need your help, Please share, email the Egyptian embassies in your countries, call the Egyptian ambassadors, tell them that you don’t accept such treatment towards Palestinians, condemn the closure, protest!!
We need an international action .. Please feel what we are feeling, Please help us .. Please – Noor Harazeen

This is a call form the Palestinian youth, please join us addressing our message to Egypt, we are stuck in Gaza – the world's biggest open air prison, and we need your help, start hashtagging\tweeting #Open_Rafah_border


Got friends?

logo for mailing to listWe need your help, and theirs!

Thank you to everyone who donated in response to our recent appeal.  You helped us raise a significant portion of the amount needed to fund the electrical work.

Many of the donors, however, were people who have given before. We don't want to keep asking the same people over and over again, so this time we are asking you to help in a completely different way. We still need another $80,000 before we can set sail, and we need to tell as many people as possible about our project to generate even more interest worldwide.

Free the Holy Land Sea: Support Palestinian fishermen in Gaza

Gaza's Ark, along with our Freedom Flotilla Coalition partners representing civil society solidarity organizations and individuals in many countries of the world, supports the call from thePalestinian fishermen in Gaza, including the General Union of Fishermen and other groups, seeking international recognition and guarantees that:

1. Palestinian vessels from Gaza have the right to safely access their coastal waters in an area up to and including 20 nautical miles from the coast of Gaza, for fishing and other peaceful purposes, as specified in the Jericho accords (part of the Oslo Agreement).

Call to action on 18 December for Palestinian fishers

Palestinian fishermen ask for our solidarity to help them stop the siege and “Free the Holy Land Sea”.
From the 17th to the 19th of December, they will install a tent in Gaza harbour, as a mark of protest, showing legal documentation, pictures and information about Israeli attacks against Palestinian fishermen.

Mini-Arks a huge success: Gaza kids were heard worldwide

logo for mailing to listMini Arks launching






Dear supporters;

Saturday November 30th was a wonderful day in Gaza. 

Over 200 children, aged from 4 to 15 years assembled at the Gaza Port. They came from several children’s associations, along with 60 adult volunteers, as well as high school and university students aged 15-22. 

They were there to launch around 200 mini arks into the sea, to symbolically challenge the illegal and immoral Israeli blockade of Gaza. These mini-Arks, 40cm-long model-boats sponsored by people across the world, were taken out on the water a short distance by the children in small fishing boats, to be carefully lowered into the sea. Like messages in a bottle, the boats were tasked with the awesome responsibility of carrying the children’s cry for help to the outside world. Trapped in a small stretch of land that is the Gaza Strip, children there want their freedom, just like all the adults do. They want the brutal siege of their land to end. The younger children all had paper mini arks and Palestinian flags to carry.

Palestinians and Internationals worked together to make the event a huge success. The weather cooperated too, with sunshine streaming down onto the many smiling faces of the children. After all they have been through, the opportunity for a moments escape from their daily realities was much deserved and needed. Most of these children remember the Israeli attacks of Dec. 2008 – Jan. 2009 and November 2012, that left so many traumatized, so it was wonderful to see the excitement and sheer joy on their faces that such a simple act of solidarity created!

About 120 mini arks were successfully launched. Then the wind picked up, and it was considered unsafe for the final trips out in the fishing boats, so another event will be arranged with the remaining mini arks. Stay tuned!

We would like to thank every one of you who made this happen:

  • sponsors of mini-Arks who donated over $9,000 to cover the cost of construction, with left over money to go to Gaza’s Ark;
  • all donors, shareholders and supporters of Gaza’s Ark for always supporting Gaza's Ark;
  • carpenters, blacksmiths, tailors and other boat builders who did a superb job laboring in extremely frustrating conditions due to the frequent power cuts, yet produced lovely model-boats and to the children who painted them;
  • teachers and other organizers who got the many children to the right place at the right time, in orderly queues, and kept them safe;
  • the many photographers and videographers who took, and shared, photos and videos for us all to enjoy;
  • the 384 people who signed up for Thunderclap to jump start the twitter trending and the host of individuals who supported the twitter trending campaign (#GazaKids trended in several places including Australia, Vietnam, Vancouver, California, Toronto, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, London, Venice, Milan, Rome, Naples, and Athens);
  • the people who organized local solidarity events all over the world, from a snowy market place in London, Ontario to a prison in Greece, from a South African school to a Swiss lake, from a Californian garden to a Spanish town, using origami boats, banners, flags, and more;
  • and last, but not least, thank you to our team in GAZA, and our Project Manager who came up with the idea and designed the mini-Arks. The team put it all together and made it happen, along with the teachers, parents, and the 39 student volunteers.

Please enjoy the videos of the event:
And photos:  
Many more photos here:

Thank you everyone for giving the children in Gaza a wonderful day!
Gaza's Ark Steering Committee


Mini Ark action: A success for the Children of Gaza

The action on November 30 with the launching of about 200 mini Arks by Palestinian children of Gaza was a great success in bringing joy and hope to those children and all who participated. Here are some videos:

This video is in Arabic with interviews to children and showing mini Arks at sea.

The following is a video report from KTV2 in English

The following video posted in Italian reports that 190 mini boats 40 cm long have been launched into the sea of Gaza to symbolically break the siege in advance of the sailing of Gaza's Ark next Spring.

This is from Rosa Schiano in Gaza

Mini Ark #GazaKids Twitter Campaign & Resources

You will find here resources for the #GazaKids Twitter campaign for Saturday Nov 30th including tweets, as well photos and videos we receive.

Suggested #GazaKids tweets (copy and paste on your Twitter — remember, retweets don't count for determining trending topics)
Tweets with #GazaKids we have seen (copy and paste on your twitter)
Photos / videos of #GazaKids  (use for distribution)

For Gaza kids: Join the mini-Ark Twitter campaign

children painting child holding flag

help us NOW to spread the word on Saturday!

Thank you to the hundreds who sponsored almost 200 kids' mini-Arks in Gaza!

logo for mailing to listWe are preparing today for our mini-Arks action Saturday in Gaza, involving hundreds of children protesting the blockade 

by releasing “mini-Arks” into the sea at the port of Gaza. 

You can find more details of this action here: 
and also on Facebook:

As part of our action, we are launching a Twitter campaign on Saturday, November 30 at 4pm Gaza Time corresponding to the following time zones:  3pm Central European Time = 2pm in the UK = 9am East coast North America = 6am West Coast North America = 1am (Dec 1) in Sydney. With a few clicks, you can help bring attention to the children of Gaza and help their call for freedom reach the world.