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ISM Swedish activist, Andreasson: “Israel violated Geneva Convention”

Israeli army bombs hospitals in GazaCity. The situation became much worse when Tel Aviv government decided to start the land invasion.

by Giovanni Vigna

Mantova, 18th July 2014, Nena News – “El Wafa Hospital has been partly destroyed. All people who were inside the building at the moment of the Israeli massive attack, that happened on the 17th of July at 21, have been evacuated to Al Sahaba medical complex. Luckily, at the moment, there are no dead”.These are the dramatic words of Swedish volunteer, Charlie Andreasson, who was engaged with other six foreign volunteers in a protection activity of El Wafa Hospital, the patients and the staff.

Why Did Israel Target Gaza’s Ark?

by Ehab Lotayef – The Huffington Post

After being kidnapped from international waters, imprisoned in Israel, then deported for being on the Canadian boat to Gaza challenging Israel's illegal blockage of the Gaza Strip in November 2011, I was only more determined to continue challenging that inhuman, unjustified and illegal blockade of a civilian population.

News coverage about Gaza on Radio Pacifica

On radio Pacifica – KPFA94.1 on July 13, 2014

Reporting includes comments by:

Robert Naiman @ 4 min & 25 sec into the news cast
Ehab Lotayef @ 5 min & 55 sec into the news cast


Interview: Israel pounds Gaza mercilessly

Where is the 'international community?' Where is the world?

July 14th, 2014
Featured Guest: EHAB LOTAYEF

The situation is as bad as any of us can imagine – an indiscriminate attack on civilians that isn't letting go. 

4 Canadian M.P.s were in Israel, and took shelter during an air raid siren. But have any been in Palestine?

Interview: Click here [starts at 33 seconds]

Opinion: Israel’s lack of restraint in Gaza hurts prospects for peace


In Israel’s unwavering offensive against Gaza, Luciano Del Negro writes that Israel is exercising restraint (“Hamas ups the ante,” Opinion, July 12).

I beg to differ.

In a recent protest held in Montreal, many Jewish protesters joined Palestinians and people from all walks of life to send a clear message that Israel has transgressed in its war on Gaza.

Why Israel feared Gaza’s Ark?

Ehab Lotayef writes a letter to the Montreal Gazette:

Letter: Israeli’s attack on Gaza’s Ark was unacceptable

I was aboard the Canadian boat to Gaza in 2011, challenging the Israeli blockage of Gaza, when we were attacked in international waters, imprisoned and then deported.

Emergency Interview About Gaza with Ehab Lotayef

Ehab Lotayef, steering committee member of Gaza's Ark,  reports on the dire situation in Gaza, and also the status of Gaza's Ark, which has been affected by Israel's latest incursion.

Listen to the interview here.

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It’s time to talk about Gaza

By Haggai Matar

Published July 4, 2014

For the sake of both the residents of Israel’s south and the Palestinians, we must speak about Gaza as a place with real people, rather than as a science experiment.

Over the past few years, the Israeli public discussion has reduced conditions in Gaza to one of two situations: either it’s the place where rockets are fired from, or it’s the place where rockets are momentarily not being fired from.

Mino Bimawdiziwin Messages to Children of Gaza

Two years ago Atlohsa hosted 'A Child’s View from Gaza' art exhibit, featuring drawings by Gazan children, made during the course of their art therapy. Upon hearing about the recent violent attacks on Gaza, the First Nations children in the Mino Bimawdiziwin (Ojibwe: A Good Way of Life) program wanted to send Palestinian children messages of hope and support. These are their messages.

Israel Social TV: The Reverse Flotilla

"Gaza's Ark" is a fishing boat rebuilt by Palestinians and International activists over the past year in the Gaza Port. They are preparing the flotilla to protest and ultimately break the blockade of Gaza and reach international waters with Palestinian agricultural goods, to promote the rights of free movement, agriculture, fishing and Gazan commerce more generally.