What will Gaza’s Ark face from the Israeli navy as it challenges the blockade?

17th April 2014 | International Solidarity Movement 

Charlie Andreasson | Gaza, Occupied Palestine

The heavy bang is heard clearly, and I have to resist the impulse to climb over the breakwater to try to get a view of the attack in the haze. And a new round of bangs is heard. It can’t be far off the port of Gaza. Instead, I look up at the sky, squinting, and there it is, the drone that been circling around all morning. And I return to my work to completing Gaza ‘s Ark.

Interview with Charlie Andreasson in March 2014

While the negotiation between the Israeli Government and the Palestinian Authority is stalled again, the population of the Gaza Strip is for the seventh year under the isolation imposed by Israel, situation which is aggravated by the Egyptian choice of closing the Rafah border crossing. This isolation is broken only by international solidarity by means of several direct actions such as the interposition of volunteers (between farmers and Israeli snipers, or between fishers and patrol boat of the occupying navy), as well as the commitment of the activists raising awareness globally on Palestine, the informed chronicles of honest journalists, the projects of medical assistance, and the missions that aim at breaking an illegal siege, which is possible only because of the use of force. Among these we find the attempts of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition, starting with the first boats sailing towards Gaza to the tragedy of the Mavi Marmara in 2010; from the boycott suffered in the Greek ports the following year to the adventure on the sails of the Estelle in 2012. Today a boat is being prepared, which according to the plans of the organizers, should, for the first time since 1967, break the Gaza blockade from the inside and deliver Palestinian products, by sea, to those who have ordered them. Thanks to the financial contributions of many donors in these last few months, an old fishing boat was bought, and recently, thanks to the hard work of Palestinian and international volunteers, it was transformed into Gaza's Ark. Charlie Andreasson, from Sweden, is one of these volunteers. We had the opportunity to interview him.

Art exhibition of works from inside Gaza to tour the country

The Irish Times

Paintings and photographs lauded as ‘authentic view of cultural life’ inside region

An exhibition consisting of photographs and paintings by 11 Palestinian artists based inside Gaza was described by the actor Stephen Rea at its launch last night as an unfiltered glimpse of humanity inside the besieged region.

Windows into Gaza is an art exhibition curated by Irish painter Felim Egan. It will be open to the public at the Royal Hibernian Academy Gallery, Dublin, this weekend, before embarking on a six-month tour of the country.

Israeli Siege Disrupts Projects Worth $19m

Friday April 11, 2014 20:42  by Chris Carlson – 1 of International Middle East Media Center Editorial Group.

Minister of Local Government Mohammed al-Farra said that the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, since 2007, disrupted 21 projects in the fields of water and sanitation.

The projects were negatively affected due to the closure of the crossings with Gaza and the ban on entry of construction materials which are necessary to fulfill several halted projects, al-Farra clarified Thursday, according to Al Ray.

Sweet and sinister images from Gaza’s hottest artists

A university museum in northeast England is not perhaps somewhere you would expect to find an exhibition of two of Arab art’s hottest young talents.

But in hosting Traces and Revelations, a viscerally exciting new show of paintings by Hazem Harb and Mohammed Joha, the Oriental Museum at the University of Durham has shown that Palestinian art can attract and inspire audiences outside the usual metropolitan circuits.

2014 Gaza Solidarity 5K Walk/Run


Please help us spread the word by doing the following:

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Once you’ve registered, send a quick email to friends and family asking them to join you. Tell them why this event is so important to you, and it will probably become important for them too. Here’s an UNRWA article if you want to give them the basics about psychological trauma for children in Gaza.

UK Foreign Secretary Publishes Human Rights and Democracy Report 2013-14

LONDON, April 10, 2014 – (WAFA) – UK Foreign Secretary William Hague launched Thursday the Human Rights and Democracy Report 2013 at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London, Thursday said a press release issued by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

“The human rights situation in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPTs) continued to be of serious concern in 2013, with the trends of 2012 largely unchanged,” stated the report in the section devoted to Israel and the OPTs as an area of concern.

Gaza resident builds plant that returns plastic to fuel

A Gaza resident has built a high-tech plant from basic equipment to turn used plastic remains to its origin; fuel.

It took Ibrahim Soboh, 55, from the Nusairat refugee camp in the centre of the Gaza Strip, seven months to build and perfect the plant.

Israel's siege on the Gaza Strip lead to many essential goods running out, pushing the residents to Gaza to invent new machines with basic equipment to try to find alternatives.

Gaza’s Ark gets help from an old bus!

logo for mailing to listOnce again we would like to say a huge thank you for the very generous donations that came in after our last fundraising appeal. In particular we would like to thank those who have funded almost the entire cost of the generator as well as the cost of all the letters to be painted on Gaza's Ark. We will circulate pictures of the name being painted on the port, starboard and stern of the boat as soon as this has been completed.

Video: Eva Bartlett on Gaza in Crisis – An Eyewitness Report

This is a video of a talk Eva gave a few weeks ago in Austin, with big thanks to Jeffry Zavala [ZGraphix http://zgraphix.org] who filmed and edited the talk and put it out there. Link re the Amira Hass reference. Link re IOF attacks even as far as 2 km from border. Link re the remotely-operated machine-gun towers. Link to Farmers routinely under Israeli army fire.