Product baskets

Gaza's Ark is now selling product baskets for the indecisive consumer. 

These give you the chance to spread the hope that Gaza's Ark is building in the besieged Gaza Strip.

The Baskets consist of:

  • A maximum of 3 different producers goods.
  • A minimum value of US$150 worth of goods from each producer, with a minimum order of US$450 worth of goods in each basket.
  • Gaza's Ark standard 10% shipping charge will apply, making each basket worth a minimum value of US$495.
  • Purchasers will get to approve the selection of products in each basket prior to the order being finalised.

You can see some of the products and their producers in the photos below. For all the Palestinian products that are available through the Gaza’s Ark and how to order look here.

Womens Co-Op Jabalia 3

Women’s Co-op Jabalia

Maftoul 2

Maftoul – Palestinian couscous


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