Special promotion: embroidered wristbands from Gaza

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Please help us multiply the impact of our Trade Not Aid work by supporting Palestinian trade

We have managed to get a very limited number of these wristbands out of Gaza and would like to use them, with your help, to generate larger orders from the same cooperative that will be shipped with the Ark when it sails. Practically this means that:

  • right now your organization can buy a few samples of the wristbands which you could then offer with the information about the women's cooperative to groups / associations who might be interested in purchasing them by multiples of 50.

For each confirmed order of 50 wristbands at US$5 each (which they can then sell for US$10 each, or whatever they choose), organizations will received at least 1 actual wristband (US$250 + 10% shipping = US$275) in English and/or Arabic.

  • These groups will use their samples to pre-sell their orders to their members, supporters, etc. Each individual buyer gets a certificate / document stating that they have part of the cargo on Gaza's Ark, encouraging them to follow our campaign, sign up online, and demand that Gaza's Ark sail free carrying your goods!

We would like you to consider your possibilities to reach this goal and let us know how many samples you will need by e-mailing us at products@gazaark.org. Thank you!!

The Palestinian women's cooperative

The Green Olive for Social development and protecting heritage is a cooperative consisting of more than 20 women. They all live in the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, one of the largest refugee camps in Palestine. The blockade makes life in the camp more difficult, as dramatic rise in unemployment levels results in fewer families being able to provide for themselves. The brave women who form this cooperative have created their own income generating business, which enables them to keep Palestinian traditions alive through making handicrafts such as embroidery, while at the same time supporting their families with their work.

Before the blockade they were able to export their goods, but now it is very hard for them to sell internationally.


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