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Andreasson: Photo report from Gaza

Charlie Andreasson, a Swedish international, is in Gaza. He has been collaborating with the refurbishing of Gaza's Ark for several months before the boat was bombed by the Israeli navy. Charlie has also been a human shield with other internationals at the El-Wafa hospital that eventually was bombed by Israel.

Charlie reports from Gaza. He sends these photos taken in the last few hours that reflect the expressions of distress and worry of Palestinians on the streets of Gaza.

ISM Swedish activist, Andreasson: “Israel violated Geneva Convention”

Israeli army bombs hospitals in GazaCity. The situation became much worse when Tel Aviv government decided to start the land invasion.

by Giovanni Vigna

Mantova, 18th July 2014, Nena News – “El Wafa Hospital has been partly destroyed. All people who were inside the building at the moment of the Israeli massive attack, that happened on the 17th of July at 21, have been evacuated to Al Sahaba medical complex. Luckily, at the moment, there are no dead”.These are the dramatic words of Swedish volunteer, Charlie Andreasson, who was engaged with other six foreign volunteers in a protection activity of El Wafa Hospital, the patients and the staff.

Report from Gaza: “This is our country, even if it’s just a country by name”

9th July 2014 | International Solidarity Movement, Charlie Andreasson | Gaza, Occupied Palestine

The Israeli air forces’ strikes on Gaza over the past days have increased in intensity and are creeping ever closer to the center of Gaza City.

What will Gaza’s Ark face from the Israeli navy as it challenges the blockade?

17th April 2014 | International Solidarity Movement 

Charlie Andreasson | Gaza, Occupied Palestine

The heavy bang is heard clearly, and I have to resist the impulse to climb over the breakwater to try to get a view of the attack in the haze. And a new round of bangs is heard. It can’t be far off the port of Gaza. Instead, I look up at the sky, squinting, and there it is, the drone that been circling around all morning. And I return to my work to completing Gaza ‘s Ark.

Interview with Charlie Andreasson in March 2014

While the negotiation between the Israeli Government and the Palestinian Authority is stalled again, the population of the Gaza Strip is for the seventh year under the isolation imposed by Israel, situation which is aggravated by the Egyptian choice of closing the Rafah border crossing. This isolation is broken only by international solidarity by means of several direct actions such as the interposition of volunteers (between farmers and Israeli snipers, or between fishers and patrol boat of the occupying navy), as well as the commitment of the activists raising awareness globally on Palestine, the informed chronicles of honest journalists, the projects of medical assistance, and the missions that aim at breaking an illegal siege, which is possible only because of the use of force. Among these we find the attempts of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition, starting with the first boats sailing towards Gaza to the tragedy of the Mavi Marmara in 2010; from the boycott suffered in the Greek ports the following year to the adventure on the sails of the Estelle in 2012. Today a boat is being prepared, which according to the plans of the organizers, should, for the first time since 1967, break the Gaza blockade from the inside and deliver Palestinian products, by sea, to those who have ordered them. Thanks to the financial contributions of many donors in these last few months, an old fishing boat was bought, and recently, thanks to the hard work of Palestinian and international volunteers, it was transformed into Gaza's Ark. Charlie Andreasson, from Sweden, is one of these volunteers. We had the opportunity to interview him.

“The reason is to wipe out Palestinian culture and history”: A Gaza carpet factory under siege

28th March 2014 | International Solidarity Movement, Charlie Andreasson | Gaza, Occupied Palestine

(Photo by Awni Farhat)

(Photo by Awni Farhat)

Before we settle down for a glass of Turkish coffee among shelves filled with neatly stacked, woven carpets Mahmoud El Sawaf, 68 years old, shows me around the small factory. The tour goes pretty quickly. There ‘s only a mechanized loom and a manual one. The market in Gaza is too small for more.

Threats of lethal Israeli violence stop a weekly demonstration in the Gaza Strip

5th March 2014 | International Solidarity Movement, Charlie Andreasson | Gaza, Occupied Palestine

The regular Friday demonstration at the “buffer zone” east of Jabaliya was stopped by Palestinian police and security forces. The Israel had send a message via Egypt to the Palestinian authorities in Gaza that it would not tolerate any demonstrations and that it intended to shoot at the upper body of those who approached the separation barrier. From the crest at the slope of the hill on the other side, down to the fence and its rolls of razor wire, several Israeli military vehicles were seen. Palestinian police and security forces had a tough task keeping demonstrators away. Ambulances on standby stood behind them, but fortunately the Israeli military did not make their threats a reality.

Madleen Kolab, Gaza’s only fisherwoman

9th February 2014 | International Solidarity Movement, Charlie Andreasson | Gaza, Occupied Palestine

I have seen her standing there more then once, at the edge of the port, looking out over the boats in the harbor and then towards the horizon. And for a short second, I have seen myself, when as a child I took my bicycle down to the harbor just to stand at the pier and gaze, for a long, long time,  at the boats that disappeared beyond the horizon, and wonder what was beyond that line. And I have briefly asked myself if she does the same. But she is not a child, she is a young, adult woman. A strong woman. (Photo by Charlie Andreasson)

Photos: A visit to the Gaza fish auction

10th December 2013 | International Solidarity Movement, Charlie Andreasson | Gaza, Occupied Palestine

(Photo by Charlie Andreasson)


(Photo by Charlie Andreasson)


Gaza’s fish action brought back memories from both my time as a fisherman and my work in the port of Gothenburg. There was the same crowding around the neat rows of boxes, filled with different types of fish and shellfish, the auctioneer’s pad and pen, the attention, the exclamations.

In my hometown, I never ceased to be fascinated by the almost invisible signs from the sellers: a quickly raised eyebrow, a wink, barely discernible nod, a blow with a pencil against a block. Here the signals were clearer, but the concern that I would accidentally give a sign that could be seen as an acceptance of the auctioneer’s bid was still within me.

Palestinian fishermen and activists sail to protest Israel’s siege of Gaza

4th December 2013 | International Solidarity Movement, Charlie Andreasson | Gaza, Occupied Palestine

(Photo by Silvia Todeschini)

(Photo by Silvia Todeschini)

On Monday, 2nd December 2013, 200-250 Palestinians, foreign activists and journalists, many from international media, gathered in the Gaza seaport for a joint action to alert the world about the siege and its consequences for fishermen pursuing their profession. The action resulted from long negotiations between the event’s initiators, the Intifada Youth Coalition, and the General Union of Fishermen. The stumbling block has been whether the siege would be broken or not. It was a negotiation from which the fishermen emerged victorious. The illegal and inhumane siege would be highlighted but not broken. The risk was imminent that they would be attacked and have their boats confiscated.