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The road to Gaza

Kevin Neish was on the Mavi Marmara of the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza in May 2010. Read his version of this story and why he is going to Gaza now on his blog.

VICTORIA – A Victoria man is packing for an upcoming trip to the Middle East.

Former Island MP Jim Manly Detained in Israel Returns Home-CTV News

25 October 2012. Jim Manly arrives home in Nanaimo after he was detained by the Israeli army for 4 days. He was one of 30 crew members of the Ship to Gaza Estelle who were hijacked by the Israeli navy in international waters while attempting to reach Gaza. Israel imposes an illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip virtually imprisoning 1.6 million Palestinians.

David Heap interviewed on Israeli attack on Estelle

David Heap, Gaza’s Ark Steering Committee member, currently in Gaza attending an academic conference was interviewed by CTV News. 20 October 2012.