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Why Did Israel Target Gaza’s Ark?

by Ehab Lotayef – The Huffington Post

After being kidnapped from international waters, imprisoned in Israel, then deported for being on the Canadian boat to Gaza challenging Israel's illegal blockage of the Gaza Strip in November 2011, I was only more determined to continue challenging that inhuman, unjustified and illegal blockade of a civilian population.

News coverage about Gaza on Radio Pacifica

On radio Pacifica – KPFA94.1 on July 13, 2014

Reporting includes comments by:

Robert Naiman @ 4 min & 25 sec into the news cast
Ehab Lotayef @ 5 min & 55 sec into the news cast


Interview: Israel pounds Gaza mercilessly

Where is the 'international community?' Where is the world?

July 14th, 2014
Featured Guest: EHAB LOTAYEF

The situation is as bad as any of us can imagine – an indiscriminate attack on civilians that isn't letting go. 

4 Canadian M.P.s were in Israel, and took shelter during an air raid siren. But have any been in Palestine?

Interview: Click here [starts at 33 seconds]

Why Israel feared Gaza’s Ark?

Ehab Lotayef writes a letter to the Montreal Gazette:

Letter: Israeli’s attack on Gaza’s Ark was unacceptable

I was aboard the Canadian boat to Gaza in 2011, challenging the Israeli blockage of Gaza, when we were attacked in international waters, imprisoned and then deported.

Emergency Interview About Gaza with Ehab Lotayef

Ehab Lotayef, steering committee member of Gaza's Ark,  reports on the dire situation in Gaza, and also the status of Gaza's Ark, which has been affected by Israel's latest incursion.

Listen to the interview here.

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Interview: Ehab Lotayef gives an update on Gaza’s Ark

Ehab Lotayef, a spokesperson for Gaza’s Ark and a veteran of Freedom Flotilla work, explains plans to defy the Israeli blockade with a ship of Palestinian products sailing from Gaza.

You can hear the radio interview HERE (starts at 3 minutes)

Source: Taylor Report


Ehab Lotayef interviewed during visit to South Africa to promote Gaza’s Ark

During a recent visit to South Africa, invited by the Palestine Solidarity Alliance South Africa (PSA), Ehab Lotayef met with many supporters, had radio and TV interviews, and spoke to various groups about Gaza's Ark. The PSA is a South African based Solidarity Movement that supports the struggle for a free, non-racial and democratic Palestine State.

You can hear an interview with Radio Islam here.

Humanitarian crisis continues for Palestinians, Gaza’s Ark gets ready to set sail

DECEMBER 16, 2013

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Photo: Gaza's Ark



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"We don’t expect to have an easy ride out of Gaza," says Ehab Lotayef, a Montreal based spokesperson for the Gaza’s Ark international campaign.

Gaza's Ark is preparing afreshly renovated cargo vessel bearing non-perishable Palestinian products to leave the port of Gaza this spring. Gaza's Ark will attempt to get past the Israeli led blockade for the open sea in the eastern Mediterranean for foreign markets.

Gaza’s own ark will export Palestinian goods

by Dr Sarah Marusek

Friday, 30 August 2013 16:18

MEMO article arkIn 2007, Israel strengthened its occupation of Palestine by placing the Gaza Strip under a siege, restricting the movement of people and goods in and out of the enclave.

Ehab Lotayef on Egypt, Palestine and the Gaza’s Ark

Posted on Voice of Palestine.

This week Voice of Palestine talks with Ehab Lotayef, an Egyptian Canadian activist and poet from Montreal. Ehab discusses the situation in Egypt including the detention of the two Canadians by the Egyptian military, as well as updating us on the progress of the Gaza’s Ark project. He concludes the segment with a rendition of his new poem “State of Emergency” in both Arabic and English.

Our final music is by the late Egyptian singer Sheik Imam, Egypt Rise Up, and it was dedicated to the Arab people as they struggle against all the U.S.-led conspiracies to manipulate and oppress them and their resources.

Download an audio file of today’s entire show to listen at home on your computer or stream it from our YouTube channel: