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Statement from the Freedom Flotilla Coalition: Open Gaza Port

Statement from the Freedom Flotilla Coalition

December 8, 2014

The humanitarian situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate. Israel is not being held accountable for the damage it caused during its assault on the strip nor for the commitments it made as a part of the Egyptian brokered agreement to end hostilities. The port of Gaza remains closed and borders remain blocked and Palestinians in Gaza continue to be denied their basic right to freedom of movement. Gaza continues to suffer from the lack of basic supplies and materials needed for daily life let alone rebuilding what Israel damaged during its July/August assault. The International community did not meet the obligations it made to Gaza after the assault either. 

In the shadow of these circumstances the Freedom Flotilla Coalition met in Athens on December 6th and 7th to follow up and revise plans for the upcoming flotilla: Freedom Flotilla III: Open Gaza port.

In this meeting, following the previous meeting in Istanbul last August, details were finalized for "Open Gaza Port" (OGP) to sail during the first half of 2015 with a flotilla of at least 3 ships, reflecting the urgency, wide interest and diverse public support to the project and taking into account the above mentioned grave situation in Gaza.

More details about OGP will be released over the coming weeks.

Freedom Flotilla Coalition members:

Canadian Boat to Gaza

European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza

Freedom Flotilla Italia

Gaza's Ark


International Committee for Breaking the Siege on Gaza (ICBSG)

Rumbo a Gaza

Ship to Gaza Greece

Ship to Gaza Norway

Ship to Gaza Sweden

also participating in the project:

Palestine Solidarity Alliance – South Africa

Miles of Smiles

Life Line Gaza – Jordan

   – 30 –

Following Israel’s Assault on Gaza, ‘Freedom Flotilla’ to Sail Against Siege

"It is the responsibility of civil society worldwide to sail to Gaza."

by Sarah Lazare, staff writer for Common Dreams

Following Israel's latest military assault on Gaza, civil society groups from around the world say they are moving forward with plans to break the blockade on this besieged strip by sailing a "freedom flotilla" into Gaza Port.

At a meeting in Istanbul, Turkey this week, the international Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) and numerous other groups came to the conclusion that "it is the responsibility of civil society worldwide to sail to Gaza," according to a press statement. They committed to making the voyage during the year 2014, which has been coined by the United Nations as the "International Year of Solidarity With the Palestinian People.

While the group did not publicly disclose a launch location or date, they announced that they expect participation from civil society organizations across the globe — from Greece to South Africa to Jordan to Malaysia—as a gesture against "the complicity of world governments" in the blockade on Gaza.

"Calls to end the blockade of Gaza need to move from words to actions," said Ann Ighe, chairperson of Ship to Gaza and member of the FFC. "We invite all interested citizens worldwide to participate in this initiative in any way you can."

Israel's month-long military assault on Gaza, currently stalled by a tenuous ceasefire, has left at least 1,939 Palestinians dead, 9,886 wounded, over 200,000 displaced, and more than 10,000 Palestinian housing units destroyed or severely damaged. United Nations officialsestimate that at least three-fourths of Palestinians killed in Gaza are civilians and one third are children.

The freedom flotilla Gaza's Ark, which Palestinians planned to sail from the Gaza Port to break the siege, was one of the many civilian targets hit by Israeli air strikes in July. The shelling, which destroyed the boat, followed a previous attack that partially sunk the boat in April. David Heap, Canada-based spokesperson for Gaza's Ark, told Common Dreams that Palestinian organizers on the ground plan to continue the campaign "once they are able to concentrate on something other than surviving another day."

The 1.7 million people in Gaza — one of the most densely populated areas on earth—were already living under a U.S.-backed military and economic siege, which has escalated since 2007, cutting off residents from public goods including clean water and medical supplies.

"We are sailing against the sea blockade because there is no possibility of a peaceful future without freedom of movement for Palestinians," said Heap.

Previous attempts to sail against the siege have been met with violent attacks, including a 2010 Israeli assault on the Mavi Marmara ship sailing from Turkey that killed nine people and injured dozens, sparking global condemnation.

"We urge all governments to defend Human Rights and the right of the Palestinian people to freedom of movement, to facilitate the sailing of our ships to Gaza," said Ehab Lotayef of the FFC. "It is their responsibility."

[GA note: There were eight Turks and one American murdered on board the Mavi, and another Turkish passenger who died four years later]



New aid flotilla to sail for Gaza by year-end, say activists

FFC meet in Istanbul-2014By AFP | AFP – Tue, Aug 12, 2014

A coalition of activists said on Tuesday they would send a flotilla of ships to break Israel's siege of Gaza by the end of 2014, fours years after a similar campaign ended in a deadly raid by Israeli commandos.

"We plan to send the flotilla during 2014," the Freedom Flotilla Coalition, which includes activists from at least 10 countries, said in Istanbul.

The statement was made at a joint conference hosted by Turkish relief agency Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), which sponsored the first flotilla of ships carrying aid to Gaza that was raided by Israeli commandos in 2010.

Our response to terrorist attack: we will sail in the Fall!

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Statement from the Freedom Flotilla Coalition 
on the terrorist attack on Gaza's Ark

For immediate release

London, May 12, 2014

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition met in London over the last two days to discuss future plans in the wake of the terrorist attack on Gaza's Ark in the port of Gaza, as well as future plans to struggle against the blockade of Gaza.

Freedom Flotilla Coalition Statement in Tunis

Gaza’s Ark and other Direct Action against the Blockade and for Freedom of Movement

Freedom Flotilla Coalition Statement in Tunis, March 31, 2013.

The international Freedom Flotilla Coalition, representing civil society solidarity organizations and individual activists from different countries, attended the World Social Forum in Tunis where we spread our call for direct non-violent action against the inhuman and illegal blockade of Gaza and in support of full freedom of movement for all Palestinians.

The International Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) holds a meeting in Madrid


Members of the international Freedom Flotilla Coalition meet in Madrid-Sept 2012

Madrid, 3 de septiembre de 2012

The International Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) holds a meeting in Madrid as The Estelle makes its way to Gaza in Spanish water

The International Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) is a movement comprised of campaigns and initiatives from all over the world working together to end the blockade of Gaza.

Attending the meeting were representatives from the Canadian, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and U.S. campaigns.

The Israeli blockade of Gaza – fully in place for six years – is causing unimaginable damage to the Palestinian society in Gaza. The solution is not to provide humanitarian aid but to end the blockade itself, solving the problem from its root.

Our action is an act of solidarity with the people of Gaza, a call to civil society to demand that governments act against the Israeli blockade of Gaza and to pressure the international community to guarantee our right to protest, non violently, and to protect us from Israeli aggression.

We cannot predict how Israel will behave as the Estelle approaches Gaza. Israeli threats and violence have never stopped Palestinians and those in solidarity with them from continuing to struggle against injustice. Those aboard the S/V Estelle are determined to reach their destination.

Meanwhile the FFC is working on a second project to assert the right of the Palestinians of Gaza to freely trade with the world and not depend on aid. Gaza’s Ark will assist the Palestinians in building a boat in Gaza that will carry local products to international markets, challenging the blockade from the inside.

See full media release in Spanish below….

Media contact in Canada:

Ehab Lotayef 



Media contact in Spain:


Laura Arau: +34 636 00 36 01

Rumbo a Gaza – www.rumboagaza.org