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Observations from Occupied Palestine: Gaza

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first published at Crescent International, Eva Bartlett

[see Observations from Occupied Palestine, Part 1]

Unusually heavy torrential rains last month inundated much of Gaza, which was already reeling from a tight Israeli-Egyptian siege since 2006. Hundreds of thousands of people have been affected with more than 5,000 evacuated from their homes. Power outages of 20-22 hours daily, or complete days, have become the norm, affecting every facet of life in Gaza.

Photos: A visit to the Gaza fish auction

10th December 2013 | International Solidarity Movement, Charlie Andreasson | Gaza, Occupied Palestine

(Photo by Charlie Andreasson)


(Photo by Charlie Andreasson)


Gaza’s fish action brought back memories from both my time as a fisherman and my work in the port of Gothenburg. There was the same crowding around the neat rows of boxes, filled with different types of fish and shellfish, the auctioneer’s pad and pen, the attention, the exclamations.

In my hometown, I never ceased to be fascinated by the almost invisible signs from the sellers: a quickly raised eyebrow, a wink, barely discernible nod, a blow with a pencil against a block. Here the signals were clearer, but the concern that I would accidentally give a sign that could be seen as an acceptance of the auctioneer’s bid was still within me.

Now Gaza’s Ark Prepares to Dare Israel

By Eva Bartlett

Palestinian fishers are hit hard by the Israeli blockade on Gaza. Credit: Emad Badwan/IPS.

IPS News

Palestinian fishers are hit hard by the Israeli blockade on Gaza. Credit: Emad Badwan/IPS.

GAZA CITY, Mar 27 2013 (IPS) – “An ark is literally a large floating vessel designed to keep its passengers and cargo safe,” say the group preparing ‘Gaza’s Ark’. But their ark, they say, is “a vessel that embodies hope that the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip can soon live in peace without the threat of the Israeli blockade.”

An initiative by Palestinians in Gaza and international solidarity activists, Gaza’s Ark entails “purchasing a run-down boat from a local fishing family,” says Michael Coleman, a member of Free Gaza Australia and on the Gaza’s Ark steering committee.

Video: The prolonged Israeli naval blockade has destroyed Gaza’s fishing industry

The prolonged Israeli naval blockade has destroyed Gaza's fishing industry and marine sports

This video is a testimony to the unfair hardship created for the Palestinians of Gaza by the illegal Israeli blockade. Limits of 6 nautical miles to the fishing area drastically curtails the livelihood of fishers in Gaza as well as recreational activities. In addition, fishers daily risk their lives under the repressive actions of the Israeli navy. Palestinians as well as international observers in Gaza continually make appeals to end the blockade of Gaza. This video shows two Gaza's Ark activists giving statements: Mahfouz Kabariti, Palestinian spokesperson for Gaza's Ark in Gaza, and Michael Coleman, who is currently in Gaza following the development of Gaza's Ark project.

Gaza fishermen stage demonstration at sea to demand an end to the naval blockade

Posted March 3, 2013

In a few months Gaza's Ark will be in a position to sail out of Gaza for a similar challenge to the Israeli blockade.

Micheal Coleman from the Gaza Freedom Flotilla Australia is in Gaza as a steering committee member of Gaza's Ark. This is what he reported: "Today I attended a protest at sea that called for an end to Israeli attacks on Palestinian fishermen and also demanded that Israel return over 30 stolen fishing boats it has confiscated."

Under the title Israel: Return the Stolen Boats Campaign Launch he has also posted some photos.

To support Gaza's Ark, please donate or buy a symbolic Share in Hope.

Report Fishing In Gaza-Life and Death


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Irish Friends of Palestine Delegation at Gaza Seaport meeting Fishermen


Pat Fitzgerald is a Sinn Fein Councillor at Waterford County Council and John Hearne is a Sinn Fein Councillor at Waterford City Council. Both men were crew members on the Irish Ship to Gaza MV Saoirse,with Pat as the Ship’s Engineer. They both spent a week in Givon prison, in Israel, after their boat was captured in route to Gaza and boarded by the IOF Navy in 2011. Both men are professional Trawler fishermen in Ireland and members of the recent Irish Friends of Palestine Delegation to Gaza November 2012. As part of our Irish Delegation they held meetings and tours with Gaza fishermen and with Mahfouz Kabariti of the Gaza Fishermen Association. The Delegation made a presentation of engraved Derry Crystal to Mr. Kabariti and the Fisherman’s Association on behalf of Irish Friends of Palestine members who were part of the Irish Ship to Gaza Freedom Flotilla II Campaign. A personal report from Pat Fitzgerald is submitted below. For a full list of upcoming reports about our recent delegation go HERE

Gaza Uncut: Another Year of War and Siege

Published on Dec 31, 2012

Four years ago, Palestinians in Gaza ended the year in a similar way. Following a cease-fire after the last war in November, Israel violated terms of the truce numerous times and on a daily basis. Gaza also remains under Israeli siege, making life more difficult.

Israeli Navy Opens Fire At Palestinian Fishermen In Gaza

The Israeli Navy opened fire, on Wednesday morning, at a number of Palestinian fishing boats at the coasts of Khan Younis and Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.


Wednesday January 02, 2013 12:44 by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies

Local sources reported that the army fired dozens of rounds of live ammunition at the fishing boats, and forced the fishermen to return to their docks. 

The sources added that the Navy chased the fishermen despite the fact that they were in the allotted area allowed for Palestinian fishermen. 

Gaza fishing family struggles for survival

AFP – 1 January 2013

Unemployment in the Gaza strip, which has been under an Israeli economic blockkade since 2007, is at 30 percent. To make ends meet, some turn to traditional activities such as fishing. But the effects of the blockade, as well as pollution of the water, make their task extremely difficult.

Call for Freer Access to Gaza Land and Sea

Dec 26 2012 / 6:00 am

For fishermen in Gaza, there is still much uncertainty following the ceasefire.
   For fishermen in Gaza, there is still much uncertainty following the ceasefire.

By IRIN – Gaza

When Jaber Abu Rjaila heard about the recent ceasefire agreement in Gaza, he rushed back to his farmland – for the first time in more than 10 years.

“We have been farmers for generations. It’s our life and I’m very glad that we are back here now freely working,” he told IRIN. “I’ve been longing for this moment.”