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Palestinians set to export from Gaza via Freedom Flotilla III

Exhibition of Palestinian products which were to be exported aboard Gaza's Ark last year, and which are now waiting for the Freedom Flotilla III to challenge the blockade once again.

Exhibition of Gaza's Ark products from all of Palestine, for export by Freedom Flotilla
Gaza City June 6-8.

When Gaza's Ark was destroyed during last year’s attack on Gaza by Israel, we all lost a boat intended to break the blockade “from the inside out". But our goal of helping to build a sovereign Palestinian economy based on freedom of movement has not changed. Palestinian products from both Gaza and the West Bank were to be exported not only as a symbolic stimulus to the Palestinian economy but to show the world the industrious work of craftspeople and farmers who continue to struggle against the overwhelming odds of occupation, economic strangulation and war.
Invitation to Gaza's Ark products exhibition, June 6-7-8, in Gaza City.

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition is now on its way to once again challenge the blockade of Gaza. The remaining goods that were to be exported by Gaza’s Ark are now to form part of the export cargo of the Freedom Flotilla when it reaches Gaza. To showcase these goods and highlight exactly what Israel was trying to stop by destroying Gaza’s Ark, Palestinian producers organizations are participating in an exhibition of export goods at the Red Crescent Hall (near Al Azhar University) in Gaza City, from June 6th to 8th, 11am to 6pm.

Sameera Qarmout, from one of the producers’ organizations at the exhibit, says: "Before it was attacked, we had the hope that our embroideries would be exported aboard Gaza's Ark. The coming Freedom Flotilla III has given us a light of new hope that our products will still be made available to world markets." The exhibit includes goods from Palestinian producers in Gaza as well as goods from West Bank producers that reached Gaza in spite of the Israeli Occupier’s restrictions: embroidery, wood carvings and olive oil.

Watch this video to both see some of the products that Israel barred from export and to hear first hand from Palestinians about what these goods mean to them. One of the West Bank artisans whose products are at the exhibition in Gaza stated: “My dream is to go to Gaza… we can go all over the world but we can’t go to Gaza – which says a lot about the situation”. This exhibition not only shows the world the tragedy of the ongoing separation of the Palestinian people imposed by Israeli policies in the occupied territories – in direct contravention of the Oslo accords – but also fosters connection between producers in the West Bank, Gaza and their customers around the world.

Organizations and individuals in Australia, North America and Europe purchased over $24 000 USD worth of Palestinian export goods via Gaza’s Ark, and new orders are still being placed, showing the confidence people have in the need for a Palestinian economy. Peter Downey (Chair, Bethlehem B&NES Links Ltd., Bath, England) adds: “We have bought goods from West Bank artisans as samples for a potential distributor of their products in the UK and Europe. This new sea route will be far less expensive than the courier system to which we are subject currently. It is vital for the economic development of the Palestinian State that there are trade routes by which they can export their goods."

The Israeli military did not just target Gaza’s Ark. It targeted the hope that Palestinians have for an economy based on their right to export their products from their own port, independently of the occupying power. As the Freedom Flotilla III as it sets its sights on economic freedom and social justice for the 1.8 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, follow our progress athttps://freedomflotilla.org/ and https://shiptogaza.se/en, and on Twitter:@CanadaBoatGaza @GazaFFlotilla @ShiptoGazaSE and @GazaArk   
For more information about this event, please contact product exhibitcoordinator for Gaza’s Ark, Awni Farhat at  awnifarhat@hotmail.com  (+972599838447, English, العربية). Regarding the role of Gaza’s Ark in the Freedom Flotilla III, contact David Heap david.heap@gmail.com (+15198593579, English, français, espagnol).
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1417964708527164/

Statement from the Freedom Flotilla Coalition: Open Gaza Port

Statement from the Freedom Flotilla Coalition

December 8, 2014

The humanitarian situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate. Israel is not being held accountable for the damage it caused during its assault on the strip nor for the commitments it made as a part of the Egyptian brokered agreement to end hostilities. The port of Gaza remains closed and borders remain blocked and Palestinians in Gaza continue to be denied their basic right to freedom of movement. Gaza continues to suffer from the lack of basic supplies and materials needed for daily life let alone rebuilding what Israel damaged during its July/August assault. The International community did not meet the obligations it made to Gaza after the assault either. 

In the shadow of these circumstances the Freedom Flotilla Coalition met in Athens on December 6th and 7th to follow up and revise plans for the upcoming flotilla: Freedom Flotilla III: Open Gaza port.

In this meeting, following the previous meeting in Istanbul last August, details were finalized for "Open Gaza Port" (OGP) to sail during the first half of 2015 with a flotilla of at least 3 ships, reflecting the urgency, wide interest and diverse public support to the project and taking into account the above mentioned grave situation in Gaza.

More details about OGP will be released over the coming weeks.

Freedom Flotilla Coalition members:

Canadian Boat to Gaza

European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza

Freedom Flotilla Italia

Gaza's Ark


International Committee for Breaking the Siege on Gaza (ICBSG)

Rumbo a Gaza

Ship to Gaza Greece

Ship to Gaza Norway

Ship to Gaza Sweden

also participating in the project:

Palestine Solidarity Alliance – South Africa

Miles of Smiles

Life Line Gaza – Jordan

   – 30 –

Ship to Gaza won in court — Israel must return S/V Estelle


From an August 31 Press Release:

On August 31 an Israeli court issued a verdict in the case by Ship to Gaza Sweden against the Israeli government, regarding the rights to S/V Estelle. The verdict is all in favour of Ship to Gaza's complaint.

Media Advisory: The Freedom Flotilla Coalition to sail to Gaza again. Challenging the Israeli blockade

Forwarded from The Freedom Flotilla Coalition

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition has met in Istanbul, in the shadow of the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza. In the meeting of representatives from 12 countries which lasted for two days, August 10th and 11th, the FFC affirmed that, as most governments are complicit, the responsibility falls on civil society to challenge the Israeli blockade on Gaza.

The conclusion of our meeting will be presented at the press conference.

Israel-Gaza conflict: Turkish campaign group to challenge Gaza blockade by sending flotilla full of aid for Palestinians

Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/israelgaza-conflict-turkish-campaign-group-to-challenge-gaza-blockade-by-sending-flotilla-full-of-aid-for-palestinians-9661748.html

A pro-Palestinian campaign group in Turkey is to send aid on ships bound for Gaza, four years after its last attempt to break the Israeli blockade ended in a bloody raid and the deaths of 10 activists.

In a statement issued after a meeting in Istanbul at the weekend, the Humanitarian Relief Foundation group said it had formed a multi-national coalition designed to "challenge the Israeli blockade".

Planning to launch new Freedom Flotilla to Challenge Blockade

July 28, 2014

for immediate release 

For more information:
Ehab Lotayef (Gaza's Ark/Canada) +1 (514) 941-9792 lotayef@gmail.com
David Heap  (Gaza's Ark/Canada) +1 (519) 859-3579 david.heap@gmail.com
Robert Naiman (Gaza's Ark/USA) +1 (217) 979-2857 naiman@justforeignpolicy.org
James Godfrey (Gaza's Ark/Australia) +61 0424 340630 freegazaaustralia@gmail.com
Zohar Chamberlain Regev (Rumbo a Gaza/Spain) +34 (647) 077-426  info@rumboagaza.org
Dror Feiler (StG-Sweden) +46 (70) 285-5777 dror.feiler@gmail.com
İzzet Shahin (IHH/Turkey) +90 (530) 341 2134  palestine@ihh.org.tr

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition

Condemns Israeli Attacks on Gaza, Ongoing Blockade, and International Complicity

Planning to launch new Freedom Flotilla to Challenge Blockade

International meeting in response to Gaza emergency

La Spezia, Italy, November 3rd, 2013

fflogoAs the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza passed its 2,300th day and as the effects of this blockade are magnified by an Egyptian crackdown on the Rafah tunnels and crossing, representatives of more than a dozen international organizations met in La Spezia, Italy to organize against the blockade of Gaza and work to defend the basic human rights of the Palestinian people, in particular the right of freedom of movement.

The meeting included delegates from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Libya, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and UK.


The attendees decided to promote and support a worldwide campaign in favour of the children of Gaza. Hundreds of Palestinian children in Gaza will undertake a public launch of mini-Arks from the port of Gaza as a message of hope to the world expressing their demand of freedom and normal life (www.gazaark.org/2013/10/26/sponsor-a-mini-ark-now/).

The organizations in attendance also decided to adopt worldwide actions on the popular and political levels to bring awareness to the plight of the Palestinian people of Gaza and to actively challenge the Israeli blockade of Gaza and the Egyptian closure of Rafah. These action plans will be announced in due time.

Attending organizations and groups (in alphabetical order):

Canadian Boat to Gaza
European Campaign to End the Siege of Gaza
Free Gaza Denmark
Freedom Flotilla Italia
Gaza’s Ark
IHH Turkey
International Committee for Breaking the Siege on Gaza 
Miles of Smiles Belgium
Miles of Smiles Libya
Miles of Smiles Sweden
Miles of Smiles UK
Rumbo a Gaza
Ship to Gaza Greece
Ship to Gaza Norway
Ship to Gaza Sweden

Help Us Tell How Gaza’s Ark Will Challenge the Blockade

logo for mailing to listGaza’s Ark is a project supporting Palestinians to rebuild a boat in Gaza, which will carry Palestinian products out to the world. With your support, Gaza's Ark will challenge the unjust blockade of civilians in Gaza. With your support, Palestinians will achieve their right to live with dignity.

We're very close to making an announcement about our boat! Meanwhile, we've made a video telling the story of how Gaza's Ark will challenge the blockade and show that global public opinion hasn't forgotten the struggle for Palestinian rights.  It's just five minutes long, but we hope you'll agree it's very powerful. Please watch our video here and share with your networks.

Freedom Flotilla Coalition Statement in Tunis

Gaza’s Ark and other Direct Action against the Blockade and for Freedom of Movement

Freedom Flotilla Coalition Statement in Tunis, March 31, 2013.

The international Freedom Flotilla Coalition, representing civil society solidarity organizations and individual activists from different countries, attended the World Social Forum in Tunis where we spread our call for direct non-violent action against the inhuman and illegal blockade of Gaza and in support of full freedom of movement for all Palestinians.

Freedom Flotilla Coalition embraces Gaza’s Ark campaign

Freedom Flotilla Coalition Statement

Rome, January 19-20, 2013.

Freedom Flotilla-LogoThe Freedom Flotilla Coalition met in Rome for two days of discussion of our past work and future plans, as we continue our struggle against the illegal and inhuman blockade of Gaza. Representatives from campaigns in Canada, Greece, Norway, Spain, and Sweden, as well as from the International Committee for Breaking the Siege of Gaza, were hosted by our colleagues in Italy.