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Help repair Gaza’s Ark after the sabotage

When our marine engineer first sent us the list of repairs needed for Gaza’s Ark as a result of the sabotage* of April 29, we were shocked at how long it was. The amount of extra work to be done is huge. In addition, the price of materials is now much higher than it was before Egypt closed the border with Gaza and destroyed the tunnels. Fiberglass, for example, is now four times the price.

Got friends?

logo for mailing to listWe need your help, and theirs!

Thank you to everyone who donated in response to our recent appeal.  You helped us raise a significant portion of the amount needed to fund the electrical work.

Many of the donors, however, were people who have given before. We don't want to keep asking the same people over and over again, so this time we are asking you to help in a completely different way. We still need another $80,000 before we can set sail, and we need to tell as many people as possible about our project to generate even more interest worldwide.

Help refurbish Gaza’s Ark


ITEM 1 – Wages to be paid to shipbuilders & apprentices in Gaza for the project  $30,000 $15,900
2-Hull bottom-PurchasedITEM 2a – Fiberglass: $4,000
ITEM 2b – Material for general repairs, sanding, and painting: $2,500
ITEM 3 – Supplies for steel work and hull reinforcement
 (ribs, longitudinal, deck)
$12,200 $8,800
ITEM 4 – Woodwork supplies for inside hull, engine room & deck
$12,400 $11,500
ITEM 5 – Plumbing supplies,
fresh water tank, etc.
$3,600 $3,100
ITEM 6 – 2 lifeboats
$4,000 each
$3,900 each
ITEM 7 – Combined navigation system
(Radar, satellite GPS)
ITEM 8 – Communication system (VHS, 2 satellite phones w/accessories)
$2,000 $1,900
ITEM 9 – Life jackets – 15
(9 are still needed; 6 purchased)
$1,500 $900
($100 each)
ITEM 10 – Marine Diesel generator
ITEM 11 – Electrical supplies and systems (sockets, lighting and projectors)       $7,000
ITEM 12 – Anchor winch
ITEM 13 – Pumps (2 bilge, 1 freshwater, 1 wastewater, 1 fire fighter)
ITEM 14 – Firefighting system
$1,500 $1,400
ITEM 15 – Plumbing system
14 Friends of Palestine
ITEM 16 – Supplies for accommodations (steering cabin, 3 bed crew cabin, 8 passenger bed cabin, kitchenette, 1 full bathroom, half bathroom) $6,500
ITEM 17 – Fuel
ITEM 18 – Food storage, fridge  and food.

You can symbolically buy portions of any item in units of $100 (or in full).

We will apply your donation to that item so you know exactly which part of the Gaza’s Ark project you have contributed to. (Note that the images are only a depiction of the item and not necessarily the final item that will be purchased)

Have you made your selection?

  • Please click on the PayPal Buy Now button below and follow instructions
  • Indicate how many units of $100 you would like to contribute
  • In the instructions, write the item number you would like to contribute to and we will follow your instructions.
  • Thank you!

ITEM 1  – $12,000 generously contributed by Ship to Gaza – Norway

ITEM 2a – Fiberglass generously donated by Carla and Naomi Wallace

ITEM 14 – Partial donation made by Linda Frank to honor her dad, John E. Frank, a NYC firefighter of 33 years

ITEM 18 – Food storage, fridge  and food, generously donated by the 2013 Sponsored Diet for Palestine

Greens raise funds for Gaza ‘ark’


FreeGazaAustralia logoTHE NSW Greens have outraged Jewish leaders by organising a fundraiser cruise to support a plan for Palestinians to build an "ark" in Gaza and try to ruin the Israeli naval blockade of the territory.

Greens MP David Shoebridge used his office and website to promote a "sail in solidarity" voyage on Sydney Harbour last night to raise money for the "Gaza's Ark" campaign.

Help Us Tell How Gaza’s Ark Will Challenge the Blockade

logo for mailing to listGaza’s Ark is a project supporting Palestinians to rebuild a boat in Gaza, which will carry Palestinian products out to the world. With your support, Gaza's Ark will challenge the unjust blockade of civilians in Gaza. With your support, Palestinians will achieve their right to live with dignity.

We're very close to making an announcement about our boat! Meanwhile, we've made a video telling the story of how Gaza's Ark will challenge the blockade and show that global public opinion hasn't forgotten the struggle for Palestinian rights.  It's just five minutes long, but we hope you'll agree it's very powerful. Please watch our video here and share with your networks.

Video: How Gaza’s Ark will challenge the blockade of Gaza

A short video produced by friends in Gaza, Palestine, outlining the importance of the Gaza's Ark project.

You can be a close part of this project by buying Shares in Hope. Find out how here. Thanks.

Freedom of movement NOW


Israel pledged to allow freedom of movement for people and goods
Let's put that to the test!

In the ceasefire recently brokered by Egypt, the Israeli government promised to "open the crossings and facilitate the movement of people and the transfer of goods, and … refrain from targeting residents in border areas." The major question now is, will Israel live up to that commitment in the full letter and spirit of the words?  We have a project that will put that to the test: Gaza's Ark; it aims to stock a locally built boat with locally made Palestinian goods and sail them out of the Gaza harbour for export!

Like many others, we will be closely monitoring what the ceasefire means over time for freedom of movement for Palestinians in Gaza, including the ability of fishermen to fish in their full territorial waters, farmers to access their land and businesses to export. It's important to remember that to achieve a lasting, just peace, the blockade of Gaza must end, completely and permanently, so that Palestinians can rebuild the vibrant export economy they once enjoyed. This is what Gaza's Ark hopes to help achieve.