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The Mavi Marmara: Israel, Turkey and Justice

by Greta Berlin and Audrey Bomse

Four years ago, Israeli commandos attacked the MaviMarmara and five other ships in the Freedom Flotilla, in international waters, while they were heading to Gaza. The Flotilla, which Free Gaza helped organize along with the Turkish charity, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, was determined to break the blockade of Gaza and bring humanitarian aid to the people there. Eight Turks and one American were killed on board the Comoros-flagged Mavi Marmara ( a tenth man recently died from his wounds) and many others on all the ships were injured, some seriously.

Shut In, Shut Down, Shut Up: Three Years after Mavi Marmara

20 May 2013
Passengers on the Mavi Marmara were attacked by heavily armed Israeli commandos.
Passengers on the Mavi Marmara were attacked by heavily armed Israeli commandos.

By Greta Berlin

Three years ago, the Free Gaza movement was wrapping up final preparations for a flotilla of eight ships to head out to Gaza, determined to break Israel’s illegal siege on 1.5 million Palestinians shut into an open-air prison. Most of us were already in Cyprus or Turkey or Greece, as we were the primary organizers, having already sent eight voyages, five of them successful in 2008.

Why a flotilla of boats?

Video: Bill Dienst & Greta Berlin – Freedom Sailors

March 15, 2013

Talk by Dr. Bill Dienst and Greta Berlin, co-editors of the book "Freedom Sailors: The Maiden Voyage of the Free Gaza movement and how we succeeded in spite of ourselves" recorded March 7, 2013 at the Common Good Cafe at University Temple United Methodist Church in Seattle, WA.  http://www.freedomsailors.com/


Sailing for freedom

Compelling accounts of Gaza solidarity activism
JANUARY 17, 2013

Freedom Sailors book coverFreedom Sailors defies conventional narrative and adherence to globalist media by aligning itself with a narrative resounding with internationalism. The book provides an account replete with contrasts, highlighting the many facets of history and identifying the differing dynamics between activism and foreign policy.

Despite Israel’s alleged military withdrawal from the Gaza strip, air space and territorial waters are patrolled by the Israeli military, thus ensuring a continuity of the siege. Apartheid practices have rendered Palestinians spectators of their own dependence, as foreign policy continues to ignore the illegalities of an occupying power. Sailing on board Free Gaza and Liberty, international activism brought the Palestinians’ plight to media attention, breaking the siege on Gaza for the first time and setting the scene for further humanitarian missions.

Gaza’s Ark Statement regarding the Free Gaza Tweet


An unfortunate mistake resulted in a message – perceived as antisemitic rhetoric – being sent on Free Gaza’s official Twitter feed.  The sender of the message was Greta Berlin, co-founder and board member of Free Gaza.

It was later revealed that the message being tweeted was taken out of context.  It was a personal Facebook message intended for a private discussion among a group of people exchanging about propaganda and racism.  Greta’s Facebook account was linked to the Free Gaza Twitter feed which resulted in the message being tweeted unintentionally and, more importantly, out of context.

Gaza’s Ark is disturbed by this mistake that should not have happened and believes that measures should be taken so such a mistake would never be repeated.

This said, we are satisfied by Greta’s apology and explanation.  We have known Greta for many years, we have never witnessed any sign of racism or antisemitism in her work and we appreciate her many contributions in the struggle for justice and human rights. These contributions and years of work cannot be wiped out because of such an incident.

Meanwhile we are dismayed by the way some media took the issue out of context, ignored Greta’s explanation and tried to smear her and any group she is or was affiliated with, unjustly.

We assert that we denounce in the strongest terms all forms of antisemitism, racism and/or hate mongering. It is our raison d’être as a movement to stand firmly against such ills that are the root cause behind most suffering on earth.

We urge all people of conscience to focus on the real issue at hand: ending the suffering and misery for all peoples and making the world a better, safer and more just place.

Gaza’s Ark Steering Committee

Relevant information:

Greta’s statement: http://www.freegaza.org/en/home/56-news/1369-statement-from-greta-berlin

Free Gaza’s statement: http://www.freegaza.org/en/home/56-news/1367-apology-regarding-tweet


Media Advisory: Book launch Canadian tour


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Media Advisory

September 26, 2012

New book tells harrowing, yet uplifting story of the first boats to break the Gaza blockade 

Book launch Canadian tour

Free Gaza Movement co-founder Greta K. Berlin is embarking on a multi-city tour in Canada to launch Freedom Sailors, a new book about the international efforts to end the blockade of Gaza.

Freedom Sailors, co-edited by Berlin, tells the story of 44 passengers on two dilapidated boats that sailed to Gaza in August 2008. The boats, launched by the Free Gaza Movement, were the first international boats to land in the port of Gaza in 41 years to breech the illegal blockade.

From Flotilla To Ark-Radio interview


Sandra Ruch is a veteran Canadian Boat to Gaza and Freedom Waves organiser. She explains Greta Berlin’s new book tour in Canada. The book Freedom Sailors: The Maiden Voyage of the Free Gaza movement and how we succeeded in spite of ourselves is about the first two boats that managed to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. She also introduces the new international project ‘Gaza’s Ark’ and why we still need to raise awareness about the situation in Gaza.