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Hamas rally in Gaza takes aim at Egypt, Israel and Abbas

By Nidal al-Mughrabi Sun Mar 23, 2014

GAZA (Reuters) – Tens of thousands of Palestinians rallied in Gaza on Sunday to show support for their Islamist Hamas government, which has long been at loggerheads with Israel but is now shunned by Egypt as well.

The military-backed government that toppled the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas's ideological kin, in Cairo last year deems the Palestinian faction a security threat. An Egyptian court this month banned Hamas activities in the country, and Cairo has clamped down on smuggling tunnels across the Sinai-Gaza border.

Israel’s ‘self-defense’ argument against Hamas holds no water

Israel's ceasefire with Hamas is holding, but unless Israel completely lifts its blockade and includes Hamas in two-state negotiations, renewed rocket attacks from Gaza are likely. Should that happen, Israel would not be justified in arguing self-defense.

By Jerome Slater / January 7, 2013

  • Ban lifted: A truck loaded with building materials drives at the Rafah crossing with Egypt, in the southern Gaza Strip Dec. 30. Israel had banned construction materials for Gaza after Hamas seized control there in 2007. Op-ed contributor Jerome Slater says that Israel "needs to fully lift its blockade and bring Hamas into the negotiation process" if it wants to permanently stop attacks from Gaza. Ibraheem Abu/Reuters



Egypt begins allowing Palestinians free entry into country

Airport officials said decision was applied for the first time when seven Palestinians waiting at Cairo International Airport were allowed into Egypt without the usual security clearances and visas.

By The Associated Press | Jul.23, 2012 | 5:36 AM 


Gaza’s Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh waves the Palestinian and Egyptian flags during celebrations of the victory of Mohammed Morsi. Photo by AP

Airport officials say Egypt is allowing Palestinians free entry into the country, ending part of a five-year blockade on the Gaza Strip.

The decision means Palestinians can freely leave Gaza. It also applies to Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Gaza is ruled by Hamas, a branch of new Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood. The blockade was imposed after Hamas took control of Gaza by force in 2007. It banned most Palestinians from leaving.

The officials said the decision was applied early Monday for the first time, when seven Palestinians waiting at Cairo International Airport were allowed into Egypt without the usual security clearances and visas. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief reporters.

No formal announcement was made.