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Interview: David Heap describes the sabotage of Gaza’s Ark

Interview on SoundClick.com

David Heap, after commemorating his father, who was a worker-priest, a polititcian and an activist, describes the sabotage of Gaza's Ark, and the efforts by activists to overcome it.


Interview with Michael Coleman on Gaza’s Ark

Radio host of Truth About interviews Michael Coleman from the Gaza Ark Steering Committee on this very interesting project and the situation in Gaza.

Also, the question, Is Israel really interested in the peace process? is addressed.


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Ehab Lotayef on Egypt, Palestine and the Gaza’s Ark

Posted on Voice of Palestine.

This week Voice of Palestine talks with Ehab Lotayef, an Egyptian Canadian activist and poet from Montreal. Ehab discusses the situation in Egypt including the detention of the two Canadians by the Egyptian military, as well as updating us on the progress of the Gaza’s Ark project. He concludes the segment with a rendition of his new poem “State of Emergency” in both Arabic and English.

Our final music is by the late Egyptian singer Sheik Imam, Egypt Rise Up, and it was dedicated to the Arab people as they struggle against all the U.S.-led conspiracies to manipulate and oppress them and their resources.

Download an audio file of today’s entire show to listen at home on your computer or stream it from our YouTube channel:

Sailing From Gaza to Break the Blockade

An interview with David Heap on Gaza's Ark 


A new mission vows to challenge the blockade of Gaza by sea following Freedom Flotilla efforts since 2010, and Free Gaza missions preceding Cast-Lead in 2008. Not a Gaza-bound aid convoy this time.

With a crew of Palestinians and international activists on board, Gaza’s Ark will sail from the port of Gaza, carrying Palestinian products to buyers around the world, to defy Israel’s illegal and inhuman blockade.

Gaza’s Ark is rebuilding a cargo vessel that will attempt to open the sea to Palestinian exports to show to the outside world that Palestine is a productive land, while drawing public attention on the 7-year blockade.

Noam Chomsky: The significance of Gaza’s Ark and how it differs from previous Flotilla efforts

Ehab Lotayef interviewed about attack on Gaza


On CJAM 99.1 FM in Windsor, ON

On the line from Montreal was Ehab Lotayef, a prominent activist for the cause of the Palestinian people. He is a respected social justice advocate in Montreal, is a poet and playwright, and has intimate knowledge of the suffering of the Palestinian people; especially those in Gaza. He is also an organizer of Gaza’s Ark that will, with “a crew of internationals and Palestinians[,] … sail … out of Gaza, the only Mediterranean port closed to shipping, carrying Palestinian products to fulfill trade deals with international buyers, to challenge the illegal and inhuman Israeli blockade.”

David Heap interviewed on Israeli attack on Estelle

David Heap, Gaza’s Ark Steering Committee member, currently in Gaza attending an academic conference was interviewed by CTV News. 20 October 2012.

James Godfrey: Hope builds in Gaza with ark


An interview with James Godfrey who is a member of the international steering committee of Gaza’s Ark from Australia


An attempt to revitalise trade and cultivate a way for the people in Gaza to export their goods and make something for themselves is being led by an international effort called the Gaza Ark.

The project will see ship builders in the district purchase and refurbish a ship which can be loaded up with locally manufactured goods to export.

In recent history, Israel – who controls the air space over, the borders on the land and the sea around the Gaza Strip – has effectively cut off Gaza from the outside world meaning the majority of the country rely on United Nations relief.


David Heap interviewed in Ajaccio

David Heap on the Estelle


David Heap, från den kanadensiska organisationen Gaza Ark, ombord Tahrir som tillsammans med ett Irländsk skepp försökte bryta blockaden av Gaza hösten 2011. Hör honom berätta om bordningen, tiden i Israeliskt fängelse och deras nya projekt: att bryta blockaden av Gaza inifrån.

The interwiev is in English here


David Heap interviewed on Co-op Radio


David Heap is a member of the Gaza’s Ark Campaign steering committee. He was on the Canadian Boat to Gaza “Tahrir” last November when the Israeli navy seized it in international waters. All people on board were detained in an Israeli prison and later deported to their respective countries.

David speaks on Co-op radio 102.7 FM, Politics Re-spun, in Vancouver of our new international project, Palestinian participation and the commitment to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza while attempting to sail out of Gaza with Palestinian goods for exports.

David interview on Co-op radio 31JULY2012