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Interview with Michael Coleman on Gaza’s Ark

Radio host of Truth About interviews Michael Coleman from the Gaza Ark Steering Committee on this very interesting project and the situation in Gaza.

Also, the question, Is Israel really interested in the peace process? is addressed.


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Michael Coleman reports back after 4 months in Gaza

I have just returned to Australia after four months in the Gaza Strip working on the Gaza’s Ark Project (www.gazaark.org). During this time, I saw for myself and experienced some of the daily hardships that Palestinian people suffer, including salty and unclean water and a sea where you cannot safely swim due to pollution caused by the sewerage systems that are destroyed by the Israeli military. I sailed out with fishers and visited farmers who are harassed constantly by the Israeli Occupation Forces and saw for myself the conditions in which they struggle to maintain their livelihoods. I participated in the purchase of a 24 metre long fishing boat and the public launch of the Project in Gaza. I also met with potential suppliers of goods and produce, which we are now selling and which will be transported on Gaza’s Ark. I helped establish a local youth committee to support Gaza’s Ark and met with many organisations and individuals who have agreed to endorse Gaza’s Ark. For more details of my solidarity activities in Gaza, visit: http://occupiedterritories.wordpress.com/.

Week 15 in Gaza: Goodbyes from Michael Coleman

[Gaza's Ark note: Michael has done a tremendous job in Gaza helping with every stage of the Gaza's Ark project. He has put 4 months of his life on hold to support the Palestinian struggle from Gaza. We will miss him in Gaza, but we know that Michael will continue his solidarity work. A big thank you to Michael, surely shared by his many Palestinian friends.]

Well this will be my last weekly update from Gaza, as my four months in the Strip is almost over. As I write this entry I only have four days left and I am sad and excited all at the same time. Sad to be leaving behind all my new friends, as I unsure when I will get to see them again : [ However excited about my travel plans and knowing that I am on my home to my family and friends, who I have missed so much : ]

Week 13 in Gaza > Refurbishment > Endorsement > Documentary


by Michael Coleman

Well this week has been another productive week, though after the excitement of last week with the boat purchaseand the second product release it almost seems mundane. Even though this week saw the start of the refurbishment process, we received another significant endorsement and we finalised the arrangements for a full length documentary to be filmed about the project.

The week started with the winch being removed from our fishing vessel, the first step in our vessel being transformed from a fishing trawler into a cargo vessel.

Michael Coleman interviewed from Gaza

FM 96.9 Plains On Demand – New Zealand

Earthwise – Michael Coleman, Australian activist in Gaza

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Michael Coleman, Australian activist in Gaza
As their situation becomes ever more precarious, as they are oppressed more and more harshly, fishermen and farmers being shot as they try to make a living, the Palestinians of Gaza need solidarity with humanitarians on the outside.
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May 22 2013
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Report: Week 12 in Gaza

by Michael Coleman

17 May 2013

This has been a productive week for Gaza’s Ark, we were excited to announce  that we have finally purchased the fishing vessel that we will now converted into Gaza’s Ark, plus we had our second release of Palestinian products that will be exported aboard the Ark. While on the personal front I spent a night on the water doing some accompaniment work with Palestinian fishermen off the coast of Gaza and also spent some time in the Jabalia Refugee Camp.

Video: How Gaza’s Ark will challenge the blockade of Gaza

A short video produced by friends in Gaza, Palestine, outlining the importance of the Gaza's Ark project.

You can be a close part of this project by buying Shares in Hope. Find out how here. Thanks.

“Trade not aid” focus of new attempt to break Gaza blockade

27 March 2013


Israel continues to violate a ceasefire agreement signed in November which expanded the fishing limit off Gaza’s shores. 

 (Ezz Al-Zanoon / APA images)

GAZA CITY (IPS) – “An ark is literally a large floating vessel designed to keep its passengers and cargo safe,” according to the group preparing Gaza’s Ark. But its is “a vessel that embodies hope that the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip can soon live in peace without the threat of the Israeli blockade.”

Now Gaza’s Ark Prepares to Dare Israel

By Eva Bartlett

Palestinian fishers are hit hard by the Israeli blockade on Gaza. Credit: Emad Badwan/IPS.

IPS News

Palestinian fishers are hit hard by the Israeli blockade on Gaza. Credit: Emad Badwan/IPS.

GAZA CITY, Mar 27 2013 (IPS) – “An ark is literally a large floating vessel designed to keep its passengers and cargo safe,” say the group preparing ‘Gaza’s Ark’. But their ark, they say, is “a vessel that embodies hope that the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip can soon live in peace without the threat of the Israeli blockade.”

An initiative by Palestinians in Gaza and international solidarity activists, Gaza’s Ark entails “purchasing a run-down boat from a local fishing family,” says Michael Coleman, a member of Free Gaza Australia and on the Gaza’s Ark steering committee.

Gaza’s Ark: Trade, Not Aid

Gaza’s Ark: Trade, Not Aid

Palestinian fishers are hit hard by the Israeli blockade on Gaza. Credit: Emad Badwan/IPS.



First Published at IPS – By Eva Bartlett